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Flyers are a great way to spread the word about a new business or product available. With an eye-catching design, brief message, and social media sites posted on the business flyers, a large audience can be reached without having to actively search for them.

The team at FlyerHeroes is on hand with some top suggestions for the perfect places to post any flyer.

24 Great Places to Hang Flyers

When trying to get the word out, the best places to put flyers are where people will easily see them. Understanding where to post flyers based on the target audience will help connect with people in the local area and beyond.

1. Coffee shops

flyers in coffee shop

One of the best places to advertise is a local business, such as a coffee shop. Customers are already waiting for their morning drinks, and coffee shops are a great place to connect with college students, business owners, and others who make up the targeted audience.

2. Boutiques

Other businesses, like a hair salon, can help get the word out quickly, too. One of the best places to hang flyers can be where your audience loves to chat and build confidence. Place your flyers in boutiques where people will see them and be drawn to them.

3. Libraries

One of the best places to put your flyers is in the local library. Flyers can be posted around the building, usually on different bulletin boards around the facility, to share information with visitors.

Small business owners can greatly benefit from reaching out to the community and leaving printed flyers in the local library.

4. Parks

distributing flyers at park

Parents and children love local parks, and you can put flyers up in designated places around the park to share your information. Remember not to litter or leave flyers loose in the area.

5. Local markets

Local markets, such as trade shows, can be a great place to distribute flyers. Not only will you reach potential customers, but you’ll have the opportunity to network with other small business owners in the area.

6. Supermarkets

Everyone goes to the supermarket, making it a great place to hang flyers. Checkout counters are an excellent way to distribute flyers to customers who pass through, increasing the number of people who will see the marketing material you printed.

7. Malls

placing flyers in mall

Malls are the perfect place to reach out with advertising flyers. Distribution tips for this high-traffic area include a friendly approach and a polite offer.

8. Communal Office Spaces

You can place flyers around communal office spaces, like in the break room or on a bulletin board, to show coworkers and clients alike what’s available or new.

Marketing doesn’t have to have a large budget; a clear message and call to action are enough to draw attention.

9. Community Centers

There’s no better place than community bulletin boards to share your flyer. Place your flyers in a local community center to get attention from local residents.

10. Doctor’s Offices

flyers in doctors office

Your local doctor’s office can be a great place for flyer distribution. There is marketing potential here to hang flyers around the office or at the check in counters where clients first come in. This allows them to have something to read and look at while waiting their turn.

11. Gyms for Print Flyer Distribution

The gym is a good place to meet people, distribute flyers, and talk about business between sets.

You can ask the gym owners or managers if you can hang a flyer or two around the space or pin it to the community bulletin boards.

12. Grocery stores

The checkout counters at the grocery stores are perfect for flyers. Design the material to be eye-catching and informative. Whether you’re alerting the public to a product or event, you want to capture their attention wherever you hang flyers.

13. Nail salons

A nail salon provides the perfect opportunity to discuss upcoming events and new products. While designing custom nail art, employees can share information with customers and pass out flyers at the end.

Always ask the business owners for permission before posting your flyers.

14. Auto repair shops

placing flyer at auto repair shops

Direct mail flyer marketing can’t reach everyone, but depending on who you’re targeting you may be able to reach your audience by posting flyers in auto repair shops. This will brighten up the business while bringing attention to the services you offer!

15. Daycare centers

Parents will enjoy something to read or show their children when picking them up from daycare. Colorful graphics can grab children’s attention and influence parents’ perception as well.

16. Hardware stores

To distribute flyers in hardware stores, you’ll want to reach out to the owner or manager to see if leaving flyers at the checkout counters is acceptable. Otherwise, you can ask to post flyers around the store or in the break room to reach your intended audience.

17. Fitness centers print flyers

Flyer distribution in fitness centers can focus on catching people towards the end of their workouts. You can also leave flyers on the equipment for people to see but don’t leave them in a place that will disturb or upset gym goers. You want them to have a positive experience at all times.

18. Ice cream stands

placing flyers at ice cream stands

With something as sweet as ice cream, you’ll want to share your exciting advertisement by hanging a flyer nearby. Similar to coffee shops, you can reach certain clientele at ice cream stands. For example, your flyers are more likely to come in contact with families rather than college-bound students.

19. Church

Community bulletin boards at local churches are a great way to reach out to the community at large and share your advertisement.

Many churches are supportive of posting flyers from members or local operations that benefit the community, and if you’re a church promoting an event or service then the church flyer templates from FlyerHeroes are a great way to do so.

20. Restaurants

Your favorite restaurant is the perfect place to advertise your business. People love to eat, and when they do, they look around and see the different works of art and advertisements from local businesses.

21. Bus Stops

Public transportation offers a unique way to reach customers. Bus stops, and the buses themselves, create opportunities to network and share information. To distribute flyers at a bus stop, you can hand them out yourself or try posting them in a safe place where they won’t get blown away.

22. Banks and Credit Unions

flyers in banks

People queue at the bank, and having something to look at can help pass the time. Learning about your local business while in line at the bank may well encourage people to visit your website for more information or even pay you a visit in person.

23. Street Signs

Posting flyers on street signs and light poles can create a great first impression by meeting customers where they’re at in a non-invasive way. Advertising doesn’t have to be too flashy, but it should grab the attention of the target market.

24. Newspapers and Bulletins

You can offer to hang flyers by newspaper stands and your local post office and understand if the answer is no. Not all businesses will allow you to promote, although you’d be surprised where you can find advertising space for your services.

Where can you post flyers legally?

Small businesses can greatly benefit from the use of bulletin boards as well as the local chamber of commerce to find locations that stand out as places to advertise your services.

If you’re wondering, “Where can I post flyers legally near me?”, always make sure to abide by any local laws.

Can you post flyers on public property?

posting flyer in public property

Flyer distribution in public spaces depends on local government. Some areas may need a license to operate while others may be more lax in their regulations.

Can you post flyers on private property?

Flyer distribution on private property requires the owner’s permission. Without it, you could face legal consequences.

Can you place flyers under car windshield wipers?

As long as you don’t damage the car, flyer distribution is generally legal in public spaces. Double-check with the business owner and local government to act in compliance.

Flyer Distribution Tips from the Experts at FlyerHeroes

To reach people, businesses need to know the most effective places to hang flyers in high-traffic areas. Once you understand where to post flyers, you will have access to an enormous pool of potential customers.

The team at FlyerHeroes is here to help – check out our subscription plans and get started today!

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