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You can create the most incredible flyer to market your services, but it’s only worth the audience it reaches. Advertising to your target audience is key.

Here are the most effective ways to hand out flyers.

Top 6 Considerations for Distributing Flyers

Never overlook quality content and captivating design with any flyer campaign. Once your leaflets are ready to go, it’s time to create the best distribution strategy to get your message out there.

Efficiently getting your marketing materials in the hands of your audience is the goal, but first…


Consider Your Message

What do all good flyering campaigns have in common? A consistent, compelling message that gives your audience a reason to engage.

Make use of public advertising boards and other opportunities to test your branding through trial and error with public posts and leaflet distribution.

How do you know if it’s working? Test, adjust, and repeat. When you hit the sweet spot, you’ll see engagement soar. So:

  1. Design & make flyers with powerful initial messaging.
  2. Choose the best location. Leave a stack of leaflets (with permission).
  3. Check back later. It’s a good sign if they’re picked up quickly. Extra points for the volume of people calling up to inquire about what you’re offering – pay attention to which details on your flyers generate the most buzz (e.g. discount codes or flash sales).
  4. Play to your strengths and address any sections that failed to make an impact. Refine your messaging and make sure every inch of every flyer is doing work for you.

valentines day flyer for restaurant

Consider Your Timing

When figuring out how to distribute flyers effectively – whether opting for person-to-person or door-to-door will be most favorable, you must choose your timing wisely.

Consider upcoming events that may present flyer distribution opportunities to reach a wider audience in high-traffic areas.

For example, every restaurant owner should know when Valentine’s Day is around the corner and get the word out that your restaurant is the place to be – the most romantic atmosphere, the best food, and an attractive discount for couples.

Know what your clientele will want, when they want it, and why they want it. Show them you know them, and your flyering campaign will be a storming success.

Consider Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is essential.

Speaking to your market with a directed distribution method will help increase the response rate of your materials to raise your conversion rate.

Consider Your Flyer Distribution Method

Common distribution methods include:

  1. Person to person
  2. Leave a stack somewhere
  3. Business to business
  4. Mail them directly
  5. Go door to door
  6. Multi-drop marketing
  7. Elevator pitch

Keep reading to learn how to best utilize each distribution method, or contact a proven flyering agency to see how they can help.

bulletin board

Consider Your Distribution Team

Deciding on the best method depends greatly on the team helping you distribute your flyers.

A team helps you cover more ground with flyer distribution methods like door to door and person to person. A trained team can help you distribute your flyers more efficiently in many ways.

Target Your Flyer Distribution

Once you’ve decided on the best way to distribute flyers, determine the ideal location.

Person to person flyer distribution in high traffic areas works well, provided your target audience is receiving them.

How to Hand Out Flyers

Selecting the best flyer distribution methods will help your marketing make an impact.


In-person flyer distribution can be extremely powerful. This personal approach to distribution can pay off by reaching your audience directly.

When distribution team members use this distribution method, prepare them with professional attire and a powerful sales pitch.

holding a flyer

Leave a Stack in High Traffic Areas

Find a high traffic area to leave a stack of flyers.

Catch the eyes of customers with top-tier content. Be mindful of the best location to leave a stack of flyers, based on your audience.

Placing flyers in smart distribution locations like office waiting rooms can guide them into the right hands.


Chances are good, complementary businesses are happy to exchange support in promoting each other’s services. Partnership arrangements can help distribute your flyers within businesses that are likely to create more customers in common.

Connect with Local Businesses

Maintaining a good relationship with a local business can help validate both of your businesses.

You can promote together at local events or upcoming holidays. This works best when your business service aligns with the partnered company’s.

Direct Mail Marketing

A fast and reliable flyer delivery system is the classic post. Direct mail marketing is a clever way to capitalize on a database of customers that includes mailing addresses. This allows you to use geographic targeting to spread your message.

Not sure how best to send flyers by mail? No problem.

You can save money by dropping your flyers in the mail yourself. Or locate a flyer distribution agency to help with larger orders.

Form beneficial partnerships to distribute your flyers by mail along with another business.


Going door to door is a great option for local businesses to foster good relationships in town.

Handing out flyers or leaving them on the doorstep is a proven way to gain new business.

door to door flyer distribution

Multi Drop Distribution

Wondering the best way to pass out flyers around a particular location? Multi drop distribution involves having your flyer slipped into local publications and subscriptions.

This method of distributing flyers doesn’t come free, but it’s dependable and effective marketing strategy.

Elevator Pitch

With all these ways to distribute flyers, your distribution team should memorize a solid sales pitch to share while they distribute your flyers.

Or leave flyers in a clever elevator, applying demographic targeting to catch your audience’s attention.

A Timeless Marketing Tactic

A classic way to advertise, always formulate your flyer distribution plan to be cost effective and avoid expending more effort and money than you need. A little tweak can go a long way.

Repeat advertisements may need updating. If your client see the same discount year-round, it stops feeling like a discount.

Theming your flyer’s colors by seasons or festivals is an easy step. Attach your discount codes and offers to events – 20-OFF-NOW is all very well, but fun, themed codes like MOM-TAKE-20 for a 20% Mother’s Day discount is more memorable and eye-catching. A little diligence updating these codes for popular events goes a long way.

Explore a new location or find more sources if your high traffic areas are reaching the same people and you want to expand your audience with revised demographic targeting.

marketing tactic

Start Your Flyer Campaign Today!

Flyer distribution may never go out of style.

There are many ways to distribute your flyers – from direct marketing in the mail to engaging with your target audience, for example.

Remember to use a distribution strategy that reaches the correct target group, or intended audience.


Where should flyers be distributed?

Use geographic targeting to find the best locations. Start local!

How do you pass out flyers legally?

Wondering how to distribute flyers legally? Obtain any necessary approval forms before you begin. Avoid trespassing on private property. Be respectful of property owners, no matter the location.

How long does handing out flyers take?

Your team size and methods will determine how many flyers will be distributed and how fast.

How do I distribute flyers in my neighborhood?

Curious about how to distribute flyers nearby? Before you go advertise, check the weather conditions and make a distribution plan. If every door street or block must be covered, consider gathering a flyer distribution team or narrowing down your audience.

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