Adobe Photoshop

All our free & premium flyer templates require Adobe Photoshop.We recommend you use Adobe Photoshop CS6, however most of our templates will work with versions Adobe Photoshop CS4 and higher.

You can download a copy of Adobe Photoshop from Adobe Creative Cloud.


To create a unique design for each of our flyer templates we use a varying range of fonts.Most of the fonts we use for our flyer templates are 100% free, however some are premium.

A list of the required fonts for each of our flyer templates can be found in the file details of each flyer or on it’s download page.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct fonts installed before downloading one of our templates.

Stock Photos of people and models

It is important to understand that due to licensing restrictions we do not include the images / photographs of the people and models in any of our flyer templates (both free and premium).We do in most cases provide links for you to obtain your own copy of the images.

For full details, please see this blog post.

The model stocks and images of people that we use in our preview images are for preview purposes only and meant as an example for you so you can see what is possible to achieve when using our flyers.

We make using your own images easy and for the majority of our design templates all you need do is copy and paste your photograph to replace our predefined image placeholders.


The FlyerHeroes team are a bunch of Mac fanboys and so would always recommend a Macbook Pro :P