Resources: Tools of the trade

We use a variety of design resources in the production of our templates and freelance work. On this page you can find links to our favourite graphic design tools and resources and the services we recommend.



DesignerCandies – Free Design Resources

Photoshop brushes, patterns, 3D renders and more. DesignerCandies offer an incredible selection of free resources that are perfect for designing flyers. Along with being super high quality, all the resources at Dcandies are available for commercial use too!

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DepositPhotos – Stock Photos & Vectors

DepositPhotos have become our go-to choice for high quality, low-priced stock images. Their huge library of photos and competitively priced image packs make them great value for money. We use DepositPhotos for most of the templates on FlyerHeroes – proof we only recommend the best!

Original Mockups

OriginalMockups – Realistic Photoshop Mockups

How you present yourself and your work is key to your success. The ability to visualise how a design would look after being printed is a powerful tool that all flyer designers should take advantage of. The Infinity Bundle by OriginalMockups includes dozens of PSD mockup files for presenting your work like a pro!

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FontSquirrel – Free Commercial Use Fonts

Designers can get a little carried away when it comes to choosing the perfect fonts for the job. FontSquirrel makes it super easy. They’ve handpicked and curated a collection of the best fonts available for free online. Even better, each font on FontSquirrel comes with commercial use license!

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DaFont – Free Fonts

Arguably the biggest collection of free fonts online, Dafont is a user-submitted font directory with thousands of awesome free fonts to choose from. I’ve never met a designer who hasn’t heard of Dafont, but seen as we use it so much it definitely deserves a mention!

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