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Earn 30-40% with FlyerHeroes!

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What is the FlyerHeroes Affiliate Program?

The FlyerHeroes Affiliate Program is a platform that allows you to promote our templates & resources to your users, followers and friends, then get paid for every new customer that you generate.

What are the benefits of Joining?

Joining our Affiliate Program is a great opportunity to earn additional and passive income. By promoting FlyerHeroes content on your websites or social media accounts, you can earn a consistent revenue by simply sharing our content. We’ll process all transactions, serve downloads and provide customer support. You just need to share the links!

How does it work?

The FlyerHeroes Affiliate Program is very simple. After joining, you’ll be given a unique Affiliate URL. You can then publish this link on your website, share it with friends or post it to your social media accounts. You can also use this link to promote any FlyerHeroes product, freebie or even blog post.Whenever someone clicks on your unique Affiliate URL they will be tracked. If this person purchases an item from the FlyerHeroes Store or joins FlyerHeroes PRO, you will get paid a percentage of the total purchase value. All affiliate accounts get paid a minimum of 30%.

Who is eligible to join?

Anyone is eligible to join the FlyerHeroes Affiliate Program, however we reserve the right to disable Affiliate accounts should users break our Terms of use.

How much can I earn?

The more referrals you generate, the more you will earn. Furthermore, your affiliate percentage will also increase with the number of successful referrals you generate.How much you earn depends entirely on how much effort you’re willing to put into promoting FlyerHeroes and our products.

What is the percentage rate?

All affiliate accounts start with a 30% commission rate. This means that if you refer someone who spends $10 in the FlyerHeroes Store, you will be paid $3 (30%).

Likewise, if someone joins FlyerHeroes PRO for $49, you will be paid $14.70.However, all FlyerHeroes Affiliates can increase their commission rate to a much larger 40% commission. This is explained in more detail at the bottom of the page (Affiliate Percentage Rates)

How do I join?

Joining is easy. Either login or register in the Affiliate Area. Please note, if you already have an account you must login. All affiliate accounts are moderated.

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Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to link directly to products?

No! You can link to any page on FlyerHeroes and your referral link will be successfully tracked.

Can I promote FlyerHeroes freebies?

Yes! Amazingly you can get paid to promote our freebies.

Can I promote FlyerHeroes in my email newsletters?

Yes! Promoting FlyerHeroes in your email newsletter is a great way to generate referrals, but make sure you have permission to email people.

Can I use PPC ads to promote FlyerHeroes?

Yes! PPC traffic can be very scaleable.

How do I get paid?

Paypal & Bank transfer.

What is the minimum payout threshold?

The minimum payout for Paypal is $50 and $500 for bank transfers.

What counts as a “referral”?

A successful referral is anyone who clicks on your affiliate link to visit FlyerHeroes and purchases an item from our Store. Customers who are refunded after their purchases will not be counted as successful referrals.

What happens if i refer a customer who joins PRO?

You will be paid for the first year’s payment, just as you would be paid for any other first-time purchase in our Store.

Restricted websites:

We ask that you do not promote FlyerHeroes using the following websites. We already have our own accounts on these websites and if affiliates were to also promote our content, it would create a direct conflict between our own promotional efforts as well as creating unnecessary duplicate content:


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Affiliate Percentage Rates

For every 300 successful referrals you create, your affiliate percentage will increase by 1% until you reach 40% commission rate

Starting affiliate percentage: 30%

• 300 referrals = 31%
• 600 referrals = 32%
• 900 referrals = 33%
• 1200 referrals = 34%
• 1500 referrals = 35%
• 1800 referrals = 36%
• 2100 referrals = 37%
• 2400 referrals = 38%
• 2700 referrals = 39%
• 3000 referrals = 40%

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