Why No Stock Photo?

I’m often asked why stock images of people are not included in our flyers. There are a variety reasons why, so today I thought I’d answer this question for everyone.

Stock image companies (e.g iStockPhoto or DepositPhotos) restrict the resale of stock images. Under a “regular license” we may use their images for preview purposes, but we’re not allowed to redistribute them.

Redistribute = leaving the stock photos inside our templates.

As you can imagine, redistributing a stock image could harm the stock image companies’ business.

I can hear some of you thinking “But wait! What about Extended licenses?”, and you’re right to wonder.

We could buy an “Extended License” which would then permit us to keep the images in our flyers. But there are a few hidden strings and problems attached to doing this:

The cost

An extended license for a small image can cost several hundred dollars. We would also need to re-license the image every time we used it. Factor in the cost of our designers and suddenly every flyer in our Store costs hundreds of dollars to produce.

There’s no doubt about it, this cost would need to be passed on to customers.

A $6 flyer would suddenly cost $30-$50. This is too expensive. People wouldn’t pay $50 for a template and so, the price would need to stay high to cover costs (for the few people who would pay it).

Ironically, this price is much higher than the cost of the template + stock image purchased separately.

Not-so flexible licensing

After licensing an image for resale by purchasing an “extended license”, the terms of the licenses often still restrict it from being redistributed “as is”.

This means that we would need to “destroy” the image, for example by merging the photo into background layers.

By doing this you lose the ability to customise all aspects of the flyer, or use your own model photos.

Not everyone wants the same image

A vast amount of our customers are DJs and musicians. They don’t want to show a stock image on their flyer, they want a picture of themselves or their performers. This point is true for most bars and clients who request design work.

They have a main performer who they’d like to promote and that’s who goes on the front of their flyers.

No more all you can eat!

FlyerHeroes was the first website to offer hundreds of world class flyer templates with no download limits.

Due to the FlyerHeroes PRO all-access pass, we must pay our designers upfront to produce templates for the store. We don’t pay commission like our other template websites.

If we were doing this AND paying hundreds of dollars for stock images, your FlyerHeroes PRO subscription would likely not exist, be astronomically expensive or come with imposed download limits.

I am not willing to compromise on this.

Currently, for just $89, you can log into your PRO Account and download every template in our store.

That’s a valuable designer resource which would otherwise not exist as it does today – free of limits, low priced and incredible value.

So, to sum up:

  • Including stock photos in our templates would make them significantly more expensive. Too expensive, even.
  • Including stock photos in our templates would make them more expensive than buying the stock photo and template separately – which is kinda silly.
  • If we include the stock photo, it can’t be left editable. This defeats the point of an editable template.
  • Most people don’t want to use the same stock photo. Making our templates more expensive and compromising benefits such as our PRO Subscription. For just a small portion of users this is unfair and a bad business decision.
  • Including stock photos would make valuable resources like FlyerHeroes PRO impossible to offer.

Ok, I think that is everything. I hope this explains clearly enough why we don’t include stock photos in our templates.

I will update this article with any additional info should it be required.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

If you want to give us heat, please do and I will try to answer as thoroughly as possible.


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