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Setting yourself up for success as a babysitter takes effort, and one of the best things you can do is create printable babysitting flyers with all the most important information.

Potential clients are more likely to look over your contact details when you have an eye-catching marketing method that draws their attention. The team at FlyerHeroes is here to explain what to put on a babysitting flyer to truly stand out from the crowd.

Why Use Babysitting Flyers?

Local businesses reach potential clients via proven methods, such as using professional flyer templates such as those found at FlyerHeroes.

You can customize these templates to suit your needs as a babysitter, focusing on your specializations and availability (though don’t give it all away! More on that later). Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits.

Save Money

You’ll save money by using FlyerHeroes’ range of babysitting flyer templates that can be shared on bulletin boards in your neighborhood, as well as many other available public spaces.

Rather than paying for digital advertisements that might not be seen or heard, with flyers, you can make sure that your information reaches your clientele personally.

Find Clients Fast

You won’t have to wait long to get a call about your babysitting services because your phone number and other contact information will be prominently displayed along with a strong CTA.

You can distribute your printable babysitting flyers around your community. Having your own flyer from FlyerHeroes makes you look more professional, which is why babysitters choose FlyerHeroes for simple yet effective babysitting flyer templates.

Measure Your Success

It’s easy to measure your success with babysitting jobs when you receive calls or texts about your babysitting services after distributing your flyers. Parents are more likely to trust a well-put-together and eye-catching poster or sign than they are to trust a phone number or a stranger.

What to Put on a Babysitter Flyer

babysitting service

By using one of our babysitting flyer templates, you can design your very own printable babysitting kit! This can be used to share your information with friends and family to help grow your business and spread the word about your services to reach other parents.

Here are things to put on a babysitting flyer to help reach parents who need assistance with their kids.

A Catchy Headline

When learning how to make a good babysitting flyer, you’ll want to customize your poster with a catchy word or phrase that relates to childcare.

Babysitter catchphrases will help parents connect your services to their needs in a professional manner. Parents need a break every now and then, and your flyer can offer them that vital reprieve.

A Fun Image to Draw Attention

Using a colorful image can help you set an example of your services while creating a professional babysitter flyer. Whether it’s a stock photo or a cute picture, this is where you can let your creativity shine by putting a unique spin on your flyer template.

The image on your flyer should relate to your services for children, and if you connect it to your babysitting catchphrase, all the better!

Your First Name Only (for Privacy)

People will need to know who they’re contacting to look after their children, so it’s important to include your first name on your babysitting service flyers.

However, keep it simple – only use your first name on the initial flyer to avoid giving out too much information. They’ll find out more when they book your services!

A Short Bio About You

Your bio will tell moms and dads what your certifications are, which will encourage them to hire you. This can include a page about your upbringing, your hobbies, how you work with kids, etc.

Our FlyerHeroes templates can help you show parents your creative side as well as your professional side.

What Services You Offer

babysitter services

Listing the services you offer to parents for their kids is a great way to get the job. Photos can help provide evidence of your skills, as well as give parents an idea of how you run your business.

Services should also include things such as transportation and cooking if applicable, as they will also encourage moms to hire you for extra help with their child.

While it’s good to show off your most marketable characteristics as a babysitter, don’t feel obliged to list every single competency you have or give the impression that you’re ready to work as a full-time housekeeper – keep it simple and to the point.

Your Qualifications and Certifications

A printable babysitting kit from FlyerHeroes will help showcase your qualifications in a creative and professional way. You can grow your business with an excellent bio! Any free events you’ve attended to learn more can also be helpful.

Effective babysitting flyers showcase your skills, experience, and pictures to illustrate why you are the most qualified caretaker for the parent’s children.

Your Rate Per Hour

It’s important to share your hourly rate when you create your free babysitting flyer templates. When looking for help, parents will need to know how much you charge for looking after their child. Often, you’ll be paid by the hour, and FlyerHeroes can help you design a flyer or poster that will spread the word.

Your Contact Details

Without your contact details on your own flyer, customers won’t be able to find or hire your services. A phone number and/or email address is all you need!

Building your brand requires a way to reach you, and you won’t get any work if people who see your babysitting flyers can’t contact you. FlyerHeroes can help you create a unique flyer design idea that will draw in business.

Any Special Skills That You May Have

After sharing your bio and qualifications, you can share any unique skills you have. Are you able to make balloon animals? Have you worked with children before? Babysitters come from different backgrounds and have various skills and abilities to watch and entertain children.

Emphasize what makes you unique and make it a selling point for your service! Get creative and let FlyerHeroes help you paint a picture for your prospective clients.

Tear-off Tabs or QR Codes

Using a QR code is a great way to connect people to your business easily. They can simply scan the code and visit your website.

If you don’t have a website, using tear-off tabs can help you find out how many people have thought about your services, and you’ll receive phone calls from parents who need you to look after their cute kids.

Information To Not Include On Babysitting Flyers

dont include the following details on babysitting service

While there’s plenty of information you must include on your babysitting flyer page; there are also details you should leave out for privacy purposes. Finding work is the goal, but you want to stay safe while doing so. Promoting your services shouldn’t put you in danger.

Don’t Give Your Home Address

Babysitting flyers should exclude your personal address. You want people to be able to contact you, but your babysitting flyer templates should avoid disclosing sensitive information.

Clients will get the information they need when they contact you to watch their kids at a later date.

Don’t Include Your Full Name

Your first name is enough to go by when you create a flyer. Your template should prioritize your service rather than your personal information. Every flyer you print should solely promote your babysitting business.

Avoid Including Your Complete Schedule on Your Poster

While it can be tempting to show a full schedule of your babysitting services and the days you are booked or available, this can be harmful.

As a business, you want clients to reach out to you. On the backend, you can organize your schedule as you see fit. Babysitting flyer ideas from FlyerHeroes will help you!

Designing Your Babysitter Flyer

Babysitting flyers take a bit of work, and while programs like Photoshop and Microsoft Word can help when brainstorming ideas, FlyerHeroes provides cutting-edge templates to showcase your work and help you build connections.

The last thing babysitters need to worry about is advertising, but it’s a necessary part of growing an operation that works with kids – so make sure you do it right!

Quality Graphics and Images

Using stock photos can be helpful, but you’ll want to include high-quality art that will print well. A babysitter flyer has cute graphics that show how you interact with kids and know how to take care of a baby while the parents are away.

At FlyerHeroes, our templates are designed to make your images stand out without crowding the page – check out our templates to see how.

Clean Fonts and Engaging Content

Font choice is more important than you’d think. Friends might encourage you to use fun and fancy fonts, but you want one that will be easy to read.

FlyerHeroes templates for flyers include clean fonts that draw the reader’s attention. The goal is to share your babysitting services, which means that the text needs to be readable and easy to follow.

Extras to Consider

There are other extras to consider, like the background color and the arrangement of the elements. Thankfully, FlyerHeroes has plenty of templates to choose from! Flyer templates can help you decide where to put images and information to be the most effective babysitting flyer on the block.

Where and When to Market Your Babysitting Flyers

Knowing when to market your babysitter flyer templates will help boost the results of your babysitting service. Peak times are when you’ll get the most calls, like over the summer.

Growing your babysitting operation will help you reach more parents in need of care for their children, whether they have a cute baby or an older child.

Final Thoughts On Babysitting Flyer Ideas

If you’re ready to learn how to make a flyer for babysitting, you’re in the right place. Working with FlyerHeroes will improve your professional babysitting business plan with professional babysitting flyers.

Start off on the right foot – end with professional results and a flourishing business!

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