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Your local cleaning business can gain a lot by getting the word out on the street. An effective, professionally designed cleaning services flyer is the perfect way to do just that.

The team at FlyerHeroes is here to explain what to put on a cleaning service flyer, how to ace the design aspects, and all you need to know on how to get your marketing campaign up and running.

Let’s go.

Why use Cleaning Services Flyers?

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Local services need to attract local customers. While digital marketing techniques like social media outreach are always great, cleaning service flyers let you take a more hands-on approach.

It’s common to forget that your home needs to be thoroughly cleaned – until you’re reminded. That’s what a house cleaning service flyer aims to achieve.

Cleaning business flyers helps to remind customers of their pain points and needs. More than that – an eye-catching flyer design with a strong call to action and easily visible contact info sets them up to start their journey with your company immediately.

The flyer examples and templates from FlyerHeroes are designed to attract new customers to local businesses, giving your clients all the information they need and a reason to engage in one place.

What Goes on a Good Cleaning Company Flyer?

Our cleaning flyer ideas are results-focused.

Here’s what you’ll find on the cleaning company flyers at FlyerHeroes.


This should be a one-line appeal to catch your customer’s eye and give them the main reason to engage.

This may be a limited-time sale or a direct appeal to their needs if your target audience is niche, e.g. an older audience who may have trouble taking care of their own homes.

Business Name and Contact Details

A professional flyer should include your company name prominently. This means that even if the reader doesn’t immediately engage, the next time they think about needing services like window cleaning, they will think of you.

You should also prominently include contact details such as a phone number, email address, or website. Phone numbers are usually most effective for quick local marketing campaigns.

A Description of The Cleaning Services

Let your customers know exactly what they’ll get when they work with you.

So what do you say to advertise cleaning services? It depends on your niche.

If you clean home interiors, make it clear that you’re not an external pressure-washing company! If you clean homes after people move houses, let this be your lead. And if you mostly serve older or infirm clients, this should be your main focus.


eye catching images for cleaning service

The best flyer ideas include eye-catching graphics and images that show the customer what they’ll gain by scheduling service. These should be tailored to your offering – make the images as relevant as possible.


A bullet-point list of the key services offered gives the reader a second chance to realize you’re perfect for their needs. It also shows that you have experience in multiple areas.

Call to Action

All the flyer templates at FlyerHeroes display a prominent call to action encouraging the reader to engage as soon as possible. The best flyers are immediately effective – the CTA should build on other information to create a sense of urgency and show the reader why they need to schedule service.


Let the reader know about your company’s insurance and other protections. Cleaning services aren’t heavily regulated, so the more security you can offer to your clients, the better.

Contact details such as your company’s headquarters and phone number also help establish trust.

Pricing and Discounts

cleaning discount

Key pricing information for a cleaning service may include:

  • Limited-time offers or sign-up incentives for the first cleaning job
  • Ongoing plans that help save money over time
  • The cost of a comprehensive one-off job, or a CTA to get a quote

You don’t need to spell it all out, but make your most attractive pricing information clearly visible.


Let your customers know about any specialist services you offer – make sure you’re not limiting your audience base.

A company looking for office cleaning is unlikely to book a service that doesn’t mention offices specifically, and likewise, a homeowner won’t book with a company that appears to only serve corporate clients!

What Does a Good Cleaning Flyer Look Like?

Highly effective cleaning service flyers are:

  • Brief and to the point. Address the reader’s pain points immediately and show why you can help
  • Attractive. Use relevant images and include your brand’s logo
  • Accessible. Make sure the reader knows where and how they can find you
  • Relevant. Include key discounts and promotions prominently

The FlyerHeroes Pro Plan lets you create beautifully optimized flyers to entice potential customers to book their first cleaning appointment – get started now!

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Flyers Examples

So what should be on cleaning flyer templates? Here are some cleaning service flyer ideas to get you started.

This template from FlyerHeroes is the perfect model for your residential cleaning company to start driving engagement. Note the bold text introducing who you are and what you do, and the well-displayed offer to get the customer’s interest.

There are opportunities to add images of your company’s work and plenty of space to describe what sets you apart from other cleaning businesses. It’s a small flyer with a lot of power.

This FlyerHeroes template is no-nonsense and it is perfect for commercial cleaners. Instantly grab your audience’s attention and interest with a catchy font and a clear, attractive offer.

Describe the services offered briefly and succinctly, appealing to as many commercial locations as possible. Round off with a quick, punchy CTA and your contact info to clinch the sale!

How to Use Cleaning Flyers

Here’s a four-point guide on how to make a cleaning business flyer campaign really work for you.

Target the right market

If you target both residential and commercial properties, consider producing a distinctive flyer for each. Know your customer base and appeal to them in their own language – don’t spread yourself too thin.

Send a clear message

The flyer template should be focused on results. Let your potential clients know why you’re the only service that can meet and exceed their needs with powerful images and your company’s unique selling points.

Track your success

Use flyering campaigns to refine your understanding of your target market. Which designs work best? Which CTAs boost engagement? Adjust future designs accordingly and watch how your success grows.

Start small and scale up

A good flyering campaign starts with a little A/B testing and focuses on your core clients. You’ll have room for expanding later on – use your initial campaigns to understand your customers’ needs and preferences before spreading your wings!

The team at FlyerHeroes is ready to help – let us make your business stand out with our stunning flyer templates now!

How can I make my cleaning service flyer stand out from competitors?

man mopping-floor

So how do I advertise myself as a cleaner in a way that will make me stand out from my competitors?

Adding your own images is essential. These should be focused on the niche audience you’re targeting – showcase a photo of your customer’s home or business after you’ve finished work.

Key details like opening times, weekend services, and limited-time offers are all components of a good flyer. Branding your flyer with your company’s logo is a must.

Get every detail right and the complete picture will be more effective – FlyerHeroes’ range of designs is the perfect start!

Should I focus on specific cleaning services or offer a variety in my flyer?

It’s best to keep your flyers targeted to a specific niche. You’ll need to produce one flyer for each customer anyway, so you’ll want to create a selection of targeted flyers and distribute them to the audiences they’ll engage with most.

Get Started with FlyerHeroes Today!

The FlyerHeroes monthly and annual passes are your ticket to a successful campaign. Our cleaning services flyers are easy to customize with your branding and information, beautifully laid out, and incredibly effective for local cleaning businesses.

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