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Flyers are an essential part of small businesses’ marketing strategies. They’re simply the best way of catering to customers in your local neighbourhood.

Flyers are cheap, concise information-sharing devices ideal for small businesses wanting to promote an event or special offer. And FlyerHeroes is your perfect flyer design partner – check out our range of templates today.


What Is a Marketing Flyer?

marketing flyers

Using flyers to promote your business is a well-established practice, allowing you to reach many potential customers regarding any aspect of your business that you want.

At FlyerHeroes, we know the importance of a well-designed flyer reaching your target audience and communicating timely information. Flyers are not only an affordable and accessible marketing material, but they also offer endless customization options.

Many businesses’ customer base is predicated on their particular niche. Breaking into the market and standing out from competitors means using a flyer design that meets the goals you have for your advertising campaign.

Another advantage flyers provide is that it’s easy to optimize marketing flyers based on past results. By tracking the performance of different flyer design choices or running an A/B test, one can understand what kinds of flyers do best in one’s field and adjust the printing budget accordingly.

Check out the templates at FlyerHeroes to get started!


What Should a Marketing Flyer Include?

marketing flyer sample

A marketing flyer should include the following:

  • Your brand logo and style.
  • The key information you are communicating to your potential clients.
  • An eye-catching design to grab people’s attention.
  • A clear CTA.

FlyerHeroes templates are the result of a professional designer pouring effort to make a foundation for your own design and message. You can guarantee that your templates will include space for all the necessary details, carefully managed to ensure the flyer isn’t overcrowded and looks stunning.


Five Good Reasons to Use Flyers to Promote Your Small Business

Why is flyering so advantageous for businesses?

Let’s explore five key reasons.

1. Low-Cost Way to Reach Potential Customers

low cost

The cost per unit to print a flyer is low, and as you will typically be printing large batches, you may be eligible for bulk discounts and promotions.

FlyerHeroes offers an attractive range of bundles to help you kickstart your campaign at a price you can afford!

2. Keep the Pipeline Full

Even if you have loyal customers, maintaining sales and attracting potential clients means keeping the pipeline full. Flyers are an excellent way to reach prospects and ensure a steady stream of business.

3. Many Different Uses

Flyers promote your business. They can be used to announce a product launch, a limited offer special, or any event, or as a way to reinforce or redefine your brand. Whatever the needs of your particular business and industry, flyers are an excellent way to attract new clients.

4. Support Your Digital Marketing

digital marketing support

Digital marketing is great; paid ads boost traffic in the short term, leading to more prospects, while organic traffic provides more consistent long-term business.

However, what if someone isn’t searching for the services offered by your business? You want to reach and intrigue new clients, and that’s where a flyer steps in.

5. Easy to Track Results

Throwing time and money at marketing efforts that bear little fruit is frustrating at best. That’s why it’s great to use advertising methods whose effectiveness can be measured.

Flyers can incorporate unique QR codes or other means of offering your customers a special offer.

You can then track the number of times that offer is used, thus getting valuable insight.


How to Use Flyers to Promote Your Business


It’s not enough to know that flyers work. You also need to use the right flyer marketing strategies.

Have a Clear Purpose in Mind

The first question when crafting any flyer marketing campaign is to identify the goal of the campaign. You want to get one message across, and every other choice must reflect that message.

Are you announcing an event? Are you launching a new business?

Knowing what you want to sell helps create flyers that grab your target audience’s attention and interest them in your offer.

Every bit of the text must be a piece of information that people need to know before they arrive at your premises or event, such as what, when, and where.

Prices, special offers, contact details, and your branding should also be present.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Does all the information seem too much to include when creating your own design?

Before using the FlyerHeroes flyer maker, consider your ideal customers.

What do they want? What do you want from them? What will get people excited?

Get Creative

As you use FlyerHeroes’ templates and customization software to design promotional flyers, think of a simple way to convey your offering’s benefits to customers.

Then, use bold colors or clean design as a super easy and creative way to achieve an eye-catching result.

Have a Strong Call to Action

Apart from the details a customer has to know and special offers such as coupons, it’s also crucial to include a solid call to action that communicates exactly what your audience should do. Bright colors help create emphasis for your CTA.

Employ Excellent Design

Hiring a professional designer or using a world-class flyer design library that employs the best designers will enhance your flyer design and make people interested in your brand and services.

FlyerHeroes design library features over 1750 flyer design templates suitable for any occasion; make them your own by changing up the details, as well as the colors and logo of your brand.

Use Good Quality Paper

It’s a false economy to create an outstanding flyer design representing your business, the services you offer, and their benefits to customers but economize on the paper you use.

Using good quality paper helps to convey the message that your business is worth buying from.


Put Your Promotional Flyers in the Right Places

posting flyer

It’s little help creating flyers perfect for reaching your ideal customers and promoting your services if your target audience never sees them.

An in-depth list of where to put promotional flyers is always helpful. However, as a general principle, consider the audience for your brand. It makes no sense to promote hair products in a restaurant or editing services in a mall. Put your flyers where they will be found by those whose business you want.

Some places, such as coffee shops, are perfect for practically any business.

Speaking to other local businesses in your area gives you a great advertising opportunity – as long as they’re non-competitive, many owners are happy to promote other local companies.

Why It’s Not Generally a Good Idea to Place Your Flyers Outdoors

It’s okay to place a few flyers on lamp poles, garbage bins, and other street furniture. However, the sunlight will bleach the bright colors, and any moisture from rain or snow will wreck them.

The Legality of Placing Flyers Promoting Your Business

In most jurisdictions, you may legally place flyers in public places, but check with local authorities to make sure. Posting on private property without the owner’s permission is illegal.


FlyerHeroes Offers the Best Flyer Design Experience for Small Businesses

Using flyers to promote your company is an idea that more and more business owners are waking up to. And FlyerHeroes is here to help.

FlyerHeroes has an enormous, ever-growing library of templates for almost any industry; you will find the one that perfectly suits your needs. To top it off – our prices are incredibly affordable.

Instead of paying a once-off fee for a single template, make use of FlyerHeroes’ subscription services, available on a monthly or annual basis, to get substantial savings.

Any prospective customers with questions about FlyerHeroes can get in touch before signing up. We provide excellent after-sales service and support. Reach out via this contact form to get started!



What Are the Three Types of Flyers?

Flyers come in three basic categories, namely handbills, pamphlets, and digital flyers.

Handbills are flyers consisting of a single page. They employ strong design to draw an audience’s attention and communicate a single, short, clear message. They are best suited for selling your services or announcing an event.

Pamphlets involve multiple pages, generally bound. They look like tiny books or mini brochures. They focus on more in-depth campaigns and providing readers with in-depth information.

Digital flyers combine the best of online and offline marketing: you don’t need to print them, but they summarize all the info you need to communicate to your audience in a compact form.

They can be endlessly forwarded from device to device and placed on people’s social media or messaging statuses.

What Is Involved in Creating Flyers?

Creating flyers begins with identifying the one thing you want your target audience to know.

Proceed from there to make an eye-catching flyer that gets your audience’s attention and communicates what they must know without any irrelevant information.

How Much Does It Cost to Print 5000 Flyers?

It depends.

Heavier weights of paper cost more, and so do larger flyers in both cases because the amount of paper per flyer is greater. Full-color, double-sided designs require much more ink and precise printing, necessitating higher prices.

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