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For kids, Halloween is all about trick or treating, dressing up as a favourite hero or monster, and of course, the candy. Oh, how they love the candy! But what about for adults? Well, for adults Halloween is all about an excuse to throw one kick-ass party!!

So, you’re throwing some parties this Halloween – and you want them to be the most legendary, amazing, hauntingly terrifying slew of parties your people have ever seen? If that’s the case, then you need one of our two Halloween Party Flyer Bundles from flyerheroes.com!! These 2 bundles of EIGHT creepy to downright terrifying Halloween themed templates are the best way to promote your festive club events or parties! Get the word out with these 8 high-quality, ready to use flyer templates that are perfect for promoting your many Halloween themed events. Don’t forget each template is 100% customizable, so feel free to edit the text, add some terrifying flair and explore and add some of your own haunting or horrifying personality!

This year we’ve got two adult packages to choose from: The Sinister Halloween Bundle #1, and the ever popular Party Hard Halloween Bundle #2! Check them both out, and while you’re at it make sure to take a peek at all of our other Halloween themed templates here!

Pick one of these sweet bundles or a couple of bad ass templates…whatever is right for you!

There’s so much to choose from at flyerheroes.com! Do you want to focus on just how terrifying your party will be? Get creepy AF with our Halloween Horror template! Or maybe you want to stick with something spooky…we’ve got you covered with our Ghastly Bride template! You’re hosting a sexy Halloween get together (clothing limited)? Get provocative! Get outrageous! Remember you can edit in your own stock photos to let people know what kind of vibe your party is going for!

These professionally designed flyers will be sure to grab attention and get your party started. If you’re looking to stuff your club to capacity with monsters and ghouls, or see your house party full of zombies and vampires, you’ve found the perfect way to advertise and promote your Halloween bash! October 31st is coming quick…so get your adult party bundle today from flyerheroes.com!

But wait! As fun as the adult parties are, let’s not forget about the kids! Children love Halloween. Why? Well, candy, of course! So. Much. Candy. But just like the adults, the kids love to get together with their friends in the week coming up to the main event as well, and these parties need promoting. If you’re organizing kid oriented or family events this Halloween you’ve got to try the flyerheroes.com Family Halloween Bundle 2016v1! 8 high-quality, read to use, colourful, fun and spooky flyer templates. This bundle will help you get families and friends so excited about your festive events! Let them know that your family Halloween event is the place to be this Halloween.

No need for the full bundle of 8 flyers? No worries! Check out one of our great templates here to promote your one-night-only Halloween party. Or, check out our Mummy theme party template here to promote your not-to-be-missed costume party! The customizable nature of these templates could even allow your young protégés to help you edit and adjust to their heart’s content! Because let’s be honest, who knows what kind of slang the kids are using nowadays. Help your little Frankenstein create the flyer of his dreams! We’ve got something waiting for you at flyerheroes.com!

All stock photos seen here are not included in the final download. Instead, you can use your own stock images. Each flyer bundle has been specially designed by our team here at flyerheroes.com, created with incredible colour, striking layouts, and an eye for design that are sure to bring the party!

Make your Halloween party the talk of the town with the perfect Halloween flyer bundle from flyerheroes.com! Personal, professional….and downright terrifying. Whether you’re a club owner looking to fill your space to capacity or just a Halloween aficionado wanting to throw the most epic of shindigs, flyerheroes.com Halloween Bundles are so perfect…it’s scary! Yes, this years Halloween parties are sure to be the best ever…thanks to flyerheroes.com! Purchase your Halloween Bundle today!


Psst! Keep your eyes peeled…we just might roll out one last Halloween Bundle before October 31st!

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