Summer Camp 2

School’s out! It’s time to dust off your marketing chops and start promoting your summer camp offerings. Now, you can push your summer camp promotional campaign to a higher level with this low-cost summer camp flyer template. It’s easy to edit and distribute digitally, by postal mail, via the internet, or face to face.

Here is just a small sampling of the ways you can use the summer camp flyer you create.  Don’t wait to add a little extra “Pow! Pop! Zoom!” to your marketing efforts:

  • Hand out flyers and ping pong balls (with your summer camp’s name embossed on them) in commercial areas where the foot traffic is heavy.
  • Hire cheerleaders to distribute the flyers before and after school sporting events.
  • Post a digital version of the flyer in weekly Twitter tweets.
  • Place the flyer on car windshields near local schools.
  • Post the flyer on the bulletin board of your local library, supermarket, and laundromat.
  • Use the flyer’s digital image to create an eye-catching email newsletter containing information on summer camp activities, arts and crafts, and how to avoid sports injuries.
  • Use the flyer to create a local, paid Facebook post promoting your summer camp’s most popular activities.
  •  Create a striking postcard to mail out or distribute face to face.
  •  Leave stacks of flyers at entrances or common areas of libraries, gyms, and community centers.
  •  Mail summer camp flyers to teachers and school principals in your local area, along with an introductory letter.
  • If enrollment is lower than expected, boost sales by creating special postal mailing, offering a “limited time offer” sign-up discount.
  • Tuck summer camp flyers and a packet of flower seeds into envelopes. Create targeted mailing campaigns aimed at parents in your school district. Include an introductory letter and a discount coupon code.
  • Offer school principals a generous package of fall school classroom supplies if more than a minimum number of students sign up for summer camp after your summer camp flyers are mailed to parents by the school.

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