Summer Camp 1

Soon, parents will start asking themselves: “Which summer camp should my child attend?”  That’s the perfect time to respond with this informative summer camp flyer. It makes marketing your summer camp offerings super easy and very effective. You can post it where they shop. You can distribute it in front of local schools and tutoring centers or at the local kid’s soccer match. You can make it into a postcard and mail it to targeted residences. You can even post it on Facebook or Twitter. Or, insert it into a paid, local Facebook ad targeting your ideal demographic. There are dozens of ways you can distribute this flyer, including placing it on car windshields, handing it out at parent-teacher meetings, posting it in community centers and student membership clubs, and more! It won’t take long before you find a lot of use for this easily editable summer camp flyer–year after year, summer camp after summer camp.

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