Vintage Open Shop

What if you opened your sparkling new store and nobody showed up? When it comes to store openings, the bigger the better. Regardless of what other marketing methods you are using, there’s always a place for a flyer in every marketing campaign. Why? Because using this flyer template, your marketing campaign can be off and running in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee. Plus, there are literally dozens of creative ways to utilize this store open flyer to announce your store opening.

Here goes a few tips:
• Have your salespeople distribute your customized store open flyer in front of your store days before the opening.
• Place the store open flyer on your shop’s windows.
• Post the store open flyer on bulletin boards in public common areas throughout the community.
• Place flyers on car windshields in local residential areas.
• Distribute the store open flyer in front of busy shopping centers where there is lively foot traffic.
• Tuck promotional coupons and flyers into envelopes to send out via postal mail.
• Use the flyer’s digital image to create promotional store opening postcards mailed to targeted addresses.
• Blow up the flyer and post it on advertising display boards in your local area.
• Post the flyer in social media posts.
• Run a paid local Facebook ad. Use your custom store open flyer’s digital image in the post.

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