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When creating flyers, font choice is far more important than you might think. Regardless of whether your professional flyer designs have a striking color scheme or an attention-grabbing layout – if the display font is illegible, it alienates your target audience or just doesn’t go with the overall flyer design, so the crucial information is going to be lost on the reader.

Choosing the ideal flyer font takes a lot more than just picking the one you think looks nice. You have to match the display font to the flyer design and make sure it’s consistent with your brand identity. There are quite a lot of factors to consider when making this important decision.

So how do you choose the ideal font for your flyer design?

Well, one helpful resource for exploring good fonts for flyers is the team at FlyerHeroes. They provide an in-depth analysis of what to consider, what to prioritize, and which fonts are most popular for flyer design. This way, you can pick the perfect flyer font for your next publication.

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Why You Need to Choose the Right Font

Choosing the perfect font is integral to the success of your promotional creative projects. This is a matter of basic aesthetic principles and tone-setting as well as brand consistency.

For instance, a lighthearted, fun display font advertising funeral home services would feel gauche and inappropriate but would work for advertising a festive business event. Similarly, a conservative, elegant font may seem out of place on a flyer with a bold, colorful, zany design style.

When selecting good fonts for flyers, striking the right balance is the key.

What the Right Font Means for Your Brand

The best font for your marketing materials is the one that is consistent with your brand image.

If your business is in the nightlife or entertainment industries, choose a bold display font that fits your upbeat vibe. If you provide services that require a more delicate approach, like healthcare or life insurance, then a more reserved typeface would be a better fit to represent your brand values.
tips when choosing the right font for flyer

7 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Font for Flyers

The best fonts for flyers have to prioritize a series of different elements that ensure the information can be read, the flyer design feels cohesive, and the overall impression resonates with the brand or message being conveyed.

This sounds complicated, but there are just a few basic principles to keep in mind when selecting your font style.

1. Aim for Maximum Readability

The most important thing to remember when choosing good fonts for flyers is that they have to be legible. If no one can read the information presented to them, the materials are useless.

Decorative fonts with complex, old-style figures and geometric fonts featuring oddly shaped lettering can cause readability issues. A handwritten font in inscrutable cursive or a brush font with excessive texture should also be avoided.

For optimal results, choose a font type from the sans-serif font family that is free of extra lines and unnecessary flourishes.

2. Think of Your Brand Identity

You may already have a brand kit with specific fonts that you use for your brand which will often be a great start. If not, the best font for your materials doesn’t compromise your brand image. Always select a legible, unique typeface that fits with the vibe of your company and the industry it operates.

For instance, a brush font might work to promote an art studio, but it doesn’t make much sense for a doctor’s office.

3. Choose With Your Audience in Mind

Matching the typeface to the target audience is key for any written advertisement. An incorrect choice can feel out of place or even disrespectful.

If you primarily offer services to children, a playful font may be appropriate. But if your target audience consists of business professionals or medical practitioners, a more conservative option would be required.

4. Match the Tone of Your Flyer

The best fonts for flyers are always the ones that work for each specific creative endeavor.

You need to use your intuition and common sense to determine if a particular typeface fits the vibe that the flyer design calls for. Don’t mix whimsical lettering with a reserved design style and vice versa.

5. Balance With Visual Impact

Keeping all of the different elements on the page in perfect balance is a delicate art, but it’s integral to creating a flyer design that looks professional.

If you use a big title font, keep the rest of the words on the page reasonably sized. If the background includes bold colors or loud patterns, avoid light fonts that would be hard to read.

If you’re unsure, take a good look to see if all of the different aspects fit together, or if something needs to be adjusted.

6. When in Doubt, Opt for Sans Serif Fonts

In the typeface industry, extensions that hang off of the end of the strokes that make up a letter are called “serifs“. A “sans serif“, or “without serifs” typeface, does not include these extra flourishes.

Due to its simplified nature, a sans-serif font is often considered more legible and gives a more modern appearance to a text. For this reason, these are usually the best fonts to use for marketing materials.

7. Use Bold Font with the Intention

Using semi-bold or bold fonts is an effective way of highlighting important information, but it can be easily overdone. If too much of the text is in bold font, it becomes overwhelming and unpleasant to read, and the main ideas get lost.

Reserve bold italic typefaces for special instances when you want to make a certain word or phrase stand out.

Questions about good fonts for flyers? The team at FlyerHeroes can help you with every stage of the design process. Reach out today and prepare to be amazed!

Top 11 Suggestions for the Best Flyer Fonts Trending Now!

Font types are just like fashion trends, the popular ones come and go with the seasons.

It’s important to keep up with these public attitudes towards particular typefaces, to avoid a poor choice that would reflect negatively on your brand image. You can only imagine what kind of impression it makes when a business uses Comic Sans in its professional flyers.

We’ve compiled an up-to-date list of the best fonts for flyers in the present climate to help you make your decision. Check out these typefaces below and let them inspire you with your design project.

Hilton Serif Fonts sample

1. Hilton Serif Fonts

Of all the free fonts available with most word processing systems, one of the best fonts for flyers is the Hilton Serif font. It is distinguished by its thin, elegant lettering balanced out by the serifs.
Whiskey Font Collection

2. The Whiskey Font Collection

These typefaces are inspired by vintage typography, making them some of the best fonts to use for brands that use nostalgia as a part of their imaging. The two styles, “wheat” and “barley”, characterized by their relative thickness, come in standard, rough, and aged varieties.

Full Sans

3. Full Sans

The Full Sans typeface is distinguished by its geometric elements and modern feel. This is one of the best fonts to use for an upscale business with a downtown flair. The balance between the height and width of the letters aids readability.

Futura Round Medium

4. Futura Round Medium

This versatile font is simple, elegant, and easy to read, making it quite possibly the best font to use for longer blocks of medium-sized text. The rounded edges of the letters add a touch of whimsy.

Wavehaus Serif Typeface

5. Wavehaus Serif Typeface

This text style was inspired by the stenciled lettering often found on warehouse containers. If you’d like to invoke this sort of imagery when promoting your brand, this is certainly the typeface for you.

Filson Soft

6. Filson Soft

Filson Soft is rather similar to Futura Round Medium, with thinner lettering and some extra curves to certain strokes. It has the same rounded feel which produces a muted, soft, and comforting feeling for the reader.

Filson Pro Font Family

7. Filson Pro Font Family

This sans serif family is another set of geometric typefaces created with an eye for legibility and versatility. These sixteen fonts vary in thickness and boldness, with some of the different styles featuring more intricate lettering than others.

Venice Serif Font Family

8. Venice Serif Font Family

This group of six typefaces is characterized by its thin lettering and short serifs, producing an elegant and refined feel. These different styles range from light to regular to bold, each thickness boasting a standard and oblique form.

Visby Round CF

9. Visby Round CF

Visby Round is a soft, rounded typeface on the thicker side, with a lighthearted and somewhat comforting vibe. It looks particularly striking in white lettering against a dark background. It is a descendant of the older Visby style.

Einstellung Typeface

10. Einstellung Typeface

This chic, stylish typeface takes the thickness and curved strokes of a round lettering system and flattens the ends for a striking twist. It looks very clean-cut and professional and would lend a sophisticated air to almost any business design project.

Venti Sans Serif Font

11. Venti Sans Serif Font

This style combines vintage forms of lowercase lettering with modern capitals and innovative rounded edges. It strikes a happy medium between the past and the future and works great for short segments of large text.

FlyerHeroes has a huge selection of templates and suggestions for the best fonts for your project to help you capture your audience’s attention and achieve amazing results!

Let FlyerHeroes Help You Choose the Best Font Style for Your Flyer Design Today!

Now that you’ve read through our list of the best fonts for flyers, and you know which design elements need to be considered when choosing flyer fonts, it’s time to get started on your very own flyer design.

As long as you keep all of these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to pick the best font to grace the covers of your new promotional materials.

FlyerHeroes is your one-stop shop for first-class flyers with fonts that match your brand’s tone and image. Check out our subscription plans now to get started!

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