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It’s not hard to pinpoint exactly when visual media became so important to a business’s success. Once everyone became capable of easily uploading photos from their phones, we all became accustomed to seeing a never-ending flow of images.

It was akin to turning a radio into a television, and now everyone wants to watch.

Content Marketing Institute points out that content including images gets 94 percent more views and 35 percent more re-shares than content without visual media. However, it is not enough to throw random photos on a business website. There must be a strategy in place to ensure the most effective impact when utilizing images.

The Institute advises, “It’s crucial that we understand how to use visual content effectively because the distribution of our content depends on it.”

Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction:

1. Embrace Infographics

People love infographics, and they are an excellent tool for businesses because they are so memorable. Search Engine Journal says, “Studies have found that 90 percent of the information that we remember is based on visual impact.”

2. Use Templates

It is not necessary to spend valuable time trying to master a skill you do not already have. Using templates instead ensures you save time and present quality marketing collateral on behalf of your business. You may find this guide on how to add images to templates useful.

3. Incorporate Brand Strategy

Ensure that viewers remember your brand by keeping your visual elements consistent. Look at the big picture and make sure that your logo, letterheads, business cards, and social media profiles form a cohesive look and feel.

4. Location Matters

You don’t want to go through all the trouble of strategically choosing an image for your website or Facebook page, only to find that you obtain no benefit from it whatsoever. It’s important to carefully consider where you put the image. Regardless of size, images that are embedded within a feed that is the central focus of a page have a significantly higher impact than those which are placed in sidebars.

5. Inciting Calls to Action

A big beautiful button will be so much more effective as a call to action, rather than a generic link that says, “Click Here.” Whether yours says “Buy Now!” or “Tell me more!”, you have a priceless opportunity to further interact with a viewer that plain text simply does not provide.

For instance, the color of your button can actually make a significant difference in your conversion rate, so you will want to test a few to find out which ones work best for you. SEO giant, HubSpot did this and found a red button’s conversion rate to be 21 percent better than a green one.

Executing a visual strategy effectively can bring you more viewers, make you more memorable, and even increase conversions. This is definitely an endeavor worth spending a bit of time and effort on.

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