5 Pro Tips For Interacting Effectively On Social Media

In order for your presence on social media to have a significant impact on your business, you will need to consistently engage with your customers and interact with them effectively. Trial and error can cost you time, which is money. These 5 tips should help.

1. Keep it friendly, yet professional.

The tone of your conversation is the most important aspect of your interaction on social media. Remember:

  • Except for videos, your communication will be almost entirely in writing. Without verbal or body language cues, it is much easier to be misunderstood. Emoticons were invented for a reason, use them if you feel they’re necessary.
  • Don’t engage in arguments of any kind with your followers, and try not to get overly familiar.

2. Interact in real-time.

Enable settings on each platform so that you are notified whenever your username is mentioned. If someone is trying to reach out to you or even just saying something about you – whether good or bad, it is an opportunity to foster engagement. But this will not be effective if you take three months to respond.

Within 24 hours on weekdays is always best, whenever possible. There is no need to stop work every time you get a notification, you can reply in batches when it’s convenient.

3. Ask questions.

Forbes reports that “Facebook posts with questions generate 92 percent higher comment rates than posts without questions.” This is actually an excellent tactic to use on any platform, for multiple reasons:

    • It indicates to your customers that you are genuinely interested in them, which can be the beginning of positive relationships that lead to strong brand loyalty.
    • It is one of the absolute best ways to begin a dialogue that can turn into a group discussion. These have the potential to become really lively and interesting, at which point you should post links to them on all of your platforms.
    • Information you gather from the answers could be extremely helpful in guiding the direction of your business. Knowing what your customers want most can show you where you should be focusing your resources.

4. Use images often, but not randomly.

Digital marketing tester Kissmetrics reveals that photos “…get 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs.” This is one of the easiest ways to grab attention, and it can be a lot of fun as well. It is a great way to feature products, especially seasonal ones, such as the Halloween Render Pack in the Flyer Heroes Free Design Resources.

5. Less is more when it comes to posting frequency.

The same Kissmetrics report (referred to above) says that posting once or twice a day is best. Even 1 to 4 times a week is considered better than 5 times a day. Overwhelming your customers or spamming their feeds is counterproductive, so one post a day of something they find informative or entertaining is perfect!

Interacting effectively with your customers on Social Media can strengthen brand loyalty, and even bring you, new customers. When done correctly, it can positively affect your bottom line. These five tips should get you off to a good start!

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