Those in graphic design are in a better position than most people when it comes to creating an impressive website. After all, design is one of the most vital elements of any web page. But an impressive looking website is not enough on its own to generate the kind of traffic a business wants and needs in order to survive.

Take a quick look at these 5 quick tips to ensure that you are doing everything you can to draw visitors to your site and turn them into customers!

1. Always put usability first

When you have an empty canvas for all your beautiful creations, it can sometimes be hard to know when to stop. But your primary goal should always be making sure your visitors can easily find everything they need.

Otherwise, they’ll be clicking off somewhere else. So you still need to – mostly – follow the rules for good web design.

2. Add value. In fact, give it away freely.

Everyone is wary about giving their e-mail addresses away these days, and with good reason. So you will have to provide an incentive to tempt people into giving you theirs. A small free promotion, such as an image or relatively inexpensive feature could easily do the trick.

This practice has the added benefit of allowing you to add the word free to you website keywords, which could drive significant traffic to you.

3. Don’t be sterile.

There is a reason reality television is so popular, the general public loves getting a look at individual personalities. Here are a couple of ways you can show some personal style.

  • Quirky Designs – Even if you want your company’s website to remain as professional looking as possible, creative industries are allowed a little more leeway, so add at least one memorable element that just radiates YOU.
  • Informal Photos – On the About Us page, you can put real life photos of you and any other members of your team. Customers and other website visitors like being able to see who they are dealing with, and it makes you more approachable. It could be a big step toward brand loyalty if your competition is just another faceless entity.

4. Have an effective visual strategy

An entire separate post can be (and has been) written about executing an effective visual strategy. At the very least, you need to be aware of:

  • Incorporating your overall brand strategy
  • Optimum image placement
  • Enticing calls to action

This is actually a vital necessity for your website, because it can not only bring you more viewers, but even increase your conversions.

5. Use variety wisely.

Take advantage of holidays and other events to change things up a bit on your website. Just remember to remain consistent with your overall visual strategy.

If you aren’t getting quite as many visitors to your website as you’d like, or you’d like to see more conversions once they get there, one or more of these actions could really make the kind of difference you’re hoping for. It’s definitely worth a shot at least!

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