Vintage Anniversary Flyer

Your business is HOW OLD? Congratulations! When you are ready to celebrate, spread the good news with the help of this elegant anniversary flyer with a distinctively vintage look. Using this easily editable flyer, you will be able to inform people of your long-ranging success, so they can join in on your celebration.
Once your vintage anniversary flyer has been personalized to suit your needs, here are some top-dog tips for distributing it.

• Tuck a handwritten note (written in calligraphy style) along with the flyer, into vintage-looking envelopes and mail the anniversary flyer via postal mail to long-term clients.
• Use the flyer’s image to create a vintage-looking postcard to hand out or send via postal mail.
• Tweet out the flyer’s digital image to your Twitter followers in a special anniversary tweet.
• If you are a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, be sure to send them stacks of flyers to distribute.
• Provide local business organizations with stacks of flyers to distribute to their members.
• Leave a stack of vintage anniversary flyers at networking meetings you attend.
• Post flyers in the common areas of community centers and public venues.
• Blow up the flyer and post it on public advertising display boards.
• Insert the flyer’s image file into a special limited anniversary e-newsletter sent exclusively to your loyal subscribers.

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