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Do you want to raise the bar on your marketing efforts? Marketing your corporate services is a challenging job that must be performed 365 days a year. FlyerHeroes makes it easier, and faster to market your corporate services without wasting hours designing and formatting promotional media. Using our easily editable template, any member of your staff can create a professional-looking flyer in less time than it takes to sort through a day’s worth of email messages. Once your corporate flyer is printed out you can market your services to corporations in multiple ways.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Utilize the corporate flyer’s image in an email marketing campaign.
  2. Insert the customized flyer’s image into a targeted Facebook ad.
  3. Use the image as the frontal image on a targeted postcard mass mailing to targeted employees working in corporations in your region.
  4. Ask corporate receptionists for permission to leave the flyer in corporate common areas.
  5. Leave stacks of flyers at your local Chamber of Commerce office.
  6. Distribute the flyers at community centers and local business organizations.
  7. Leave the flyers in settings where employees with human resources hiring authority congregate after work.
  8. Hire a temporary employee to distribute the flyers at the entrance of health clubs used by corporate employees in your area.
  9.  Distribute the flyers at office supply stores.
  10. Use the flyer’s image to create a promotional magnet or other promotional “gift” and then create a mass mailing to the hiring managers of local businesses. Enclose the magnet along with a letter of introduction introducing your corporate services.

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