Corporate Flyer Template v3

Are companies aware of your service business? This corporate flyer template makes it easy to reach out to companies in your region and beyond. Because it is editable, you can easily input different text to create a flyer that appeals to different corporate services clients. There are endless ways for you to use this flyer as an effective marketing tool. Below are a few suggestions to increase your ROI:

  • Insert a digital version of the corporate services flyer in posts across all of your social media platforms.
  • Run a Facebook ad using this flyer as the main image.
  • Hire a temp employee to spend a weekday distributing flyers in office buildings throughout your region.
  • Leave a stack of flyers at small business organizations, clubs, and the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Insert the flyer in an informational business e-newsletter.
  • Insert the flyer into the last page of a marketing magnet PDF on a hot business topic. Offer the PDF to website visitors.
  • Insert the flyer into a promotional postcard mailed to local companies.

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