Save the Date 9

This Save the Date flyer is so very you! You’re the fun-loving couple who likes to keep things simple and easy. Now, that you’re engaged, you want loved ones to mark their calendars, so they can share your special day. This flyer keeps it simple, easy and breezy. Here are some fun ways to remind people to SAVE THE DATE!

  • Tuck rainbow-colored confetti and flyers into bold colored envelopes to mail via postal mail.
  • Use the flyer’s digital image to create a unique Save the Date postcard to mail or hand out.
  • Place a chocolate foil wrapped heart and flyers into tinted envelopes to hand out.
  • Enclose flyers and a handful of chocolate kisses in oversized envelopes to hand deliver.
  • Distribute your Save the Date custom flyer to friends and family members using social media.
  • E-mail a sneak peek wedding message to future attendees. Use the flyer to illustrate.

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