Save the Date 5

You’re busy planning your wedding, so we figured we’d make your life a little easier. Family members and friends won’t forget to save the date for your wedding, thanks to our elegant Save the Date flyer.

You can edit this Save the Date flyer template in less time than it takes to select your wedding bouquet, and distribution is super easy because you can distribute it in print or digital format.

Let us count the ways!

  1. Enclose and mail the flyer in envelopes decorated with romantic hearts.
  2. FedEx the flyer to friends and family members.
  3. Use the flyer’s digital file to create a postcard to send to wedding guests.
  4. Mail the flyer along with a mini calendar with the date crossed out.
  5. E-mail the flyer to friends and family members.
  6. Insert the flyer into social media direct mail messages to wedding guests.
  7. Tuck the flyer into an oversized red envelope and have it hand delivered to local family members and friends.

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