Save the Date 6

You are a total romantic. Your friends get it. That’s why this romantic Save the Date flyer is perfect for you. It allows you to charmingly tell the story of how your beloved “put a ring on it” using this easily editable flyer template. All of the fascinating details, including the BIG DATE of your wedding, is elegantly formatted for friends and family members to easily read and remember. They’ll be delighted!

Here are some ways to use this uniquely romantic Save the Date flyer to remind loved ones that they will soon have a wedding to attend and REMEMBER.

  1. Tuck the flyer and a handful of rose petals into a white envelope. Seal with a heart-shaped seal and mail it out using a “love” or heart stamp provided by the postal service.
  2. Use the flyer’s digital image to create a unique postcard to mail or hand out. Include a handwritten note on the back.
  3. Direct message a digital image of the flyer to friends and family members on your social media sites.
  4. Quickly put together an e-mail message blast to future wedding guests by inserting the flyer’s image into a “Special Guest Invite” email message.
  5. Place the flyers attached to a package of confetti into a large white envelope and have a family member hand deliver the flyers to local friends and family members.

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