National Donor Day v1

The heart says it all! Our National Donor Day flyer is a wake-up call for potential organ and blood donors to open their hearts to help others. This flyer is a wonderful vehicle for increasing donor awareness throughout the community by foot, mail, and via the internet. It can be utilized in a multitude of ways:

  • Post the flyer in community centers and other public spaces
  • Leave stacks of flyers at colleges, local bookstores, coffee shops, and universities
  • Post flyers at the entrances of medical offices and hospitals
  • Dress up volunteers in heart costumes and have them hand out flyers at major events
  • Post flyer images on social media sites and donor sites.
  • Use the image on the front of a targeted postcard mass mailing
  • Use the flyer’s image to create a National Donor Day blog post on your website
  • Mail out flyers tucked into envelopes with mini chocolate hearts attached
  • Hand out chocolate hearts with National Donor Day flyers at music and sporting events
  • Post larger versions of the flyer on public advertising display glass
  • Ask shop owners to post the flyers by their cash registers

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