Mother’s Day v1

This fresh and flowery pink Mother’s Day flyer is a magnet for attention and engagement, regardless of how it’s distributed. What’s best is that there are dozens of ways to use it to promote your event. Simply input custom text details about your Mother’s Day event, save the file, and distribute!

Here are suggestions to raise the game on your marketing efforts:

  • Tuck the flyer and packets of Daisy flower seeds into envelopes to mail out to your target market. Stamp the back of the envelope with a floral design.
  • Use the flyer’s digital image file to create an eye-catching postcard to hand out or mail.
  • Hand out flyers and long-stemmed daisies white daisies to passerby in targeted areas with high foot traffic.
  • Leave stacks of flyers in barber shops, libraries, religious building common areas, and community centers.
  • Hand out flyers in front of busy commercial venues: hardware shops, family-oriented restaurants, coffee shops, and health clubs.
  • Place flyers on the windshields of cars parked in residential family oriented neighborhoods.
  • Post digital versions of the flyer across all of your social media platforms.
  • Insert the flyer into a local Facebook ad targeting local Facebook users in your desired age range.
  • Insert the flyer’s image in a promotional Mother’s Day e-mail message offering a special rate to the first 25 people calling in reservations for your event.
  • Use the flyer’s image in a special boosted Facebook post about the meaning and history of Mother’s Day.

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