Mother’s Day Flyer Template v6

Mother’s Day comes but once a year! So, you get only one chance per year to get it right! This Mother’s Day flyer template is the fast and effective way to create a marketing magnet that attracts the right attention. You can utilize it to promote your Mother’s Day event face to face, via postal mail, e-mail, and on the internet.

Here a few suggestions on how to utilize this “soft on the budget” marketing tool:

  • Tuck flyers and a mini foil-wrapped chocolate heart into envelopes to send via a targeted marketing campaign.
  • Insert a digital Mother’s Day flyer into a promotional e-mail message.
  • Hire an actor to distribute candy hearts and flyers in front of stores, restaurants, and clubs with lots of foot traffic.
  • Use the flyer’s image on the front of a Mother’s Day promotional postcard.
  • Post the flyer on bulletin boards in supermarkets, laundromats, libraries, and community centers.
  • Leave stacks of flyers in common areas of religious buildings or at the entrances.
  • Place the Mother’s Day flyers on cars parked in major shopping centers.
  • Distribute stacks of flyers at places where people usually shop for gifts or food for Mother’s Day: florists, beauty salons, jewelry stores, bakeries, card stores, etc.
  • Post the flyer across all of your social media platforms and use it in targeted direct messages.

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