Charity Night Flyer 02

This charity night flyer is the perfect marketing solution for your next charitable event. Invite compassionate people to open their hearts and wallets using this eye-catching charity event marketing tool.  It only takes minutes to input your custom information. 1-2-3 Done! You can use your personalized flyer in mass mailings, on the internet, or by distributing it door to door or face to face. The options are endless!

Here are some tips for distribution:

Blow up the Charity Night flyer to a jumbo size so you can post it in highly visible public spaces. Ask local shop owners if they’d be willing to post the charity event flyer on store display glass and on entrance or exit doors.

Distribute stacks of charity event flyers to local religious organizations to distribute before or after religious services. Or, leave stacks of flyers at entrances and in common areas.

Post on bulletin boards in community centers and libraries.

Mail stacks of flyers to local companies to post and distribute to their company employees.

Create a charity night event postcard using a digital version of the flyer to mail out.

Drop off stacks of flyers at local colleges.

Tweet out the flyer’s digital image on Twitter.

Post the flyer’s digital image across your organization’s social media platforms.

Insert the flyer’s digital image in your organization’s print and email newsletters.

Create a charity night blog post using the flyer’s digital image. Post it on your website.

Use the digital image in a press release promoting your charity night event.

Create a targeted local Facebook ad using the flyer’s image.

Place flyers on the windows of vehicles parked on residential streets.

Distribute your charity night event flyer in areas where foot traffic is heavy: parts, sports events, movie theatres, fast food restaurants, transportation hubs, and shopping centers.

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