Charity Night Flyer 01

You want your Charity Night event to stand out, right? Let it stand out in the most positive way, by utilizing this charity night flyer to create a personalized custom flyer demanding attention and a charitable response! This flyer saves your organization precious time and money and the good news is that your one-time purchase entitles you to use this template to promote charity event after charity event at no extra charge!

Here are a few clever ways to use this flyer to make your charity  night event an undeniable success:;

  • Blow up the flyer to a large size. Drop off large and standard sized flyers at local stores where store managers or store owners have agreed to post the flyers on their store windows or glass entry doors. Ask store managers to leave a small stack of the standard sized flyers by the cash register.
  • Distribute stacks of flyers to local churches and other religious organizations.  Have the organization mail or hand the flyers out to members of their congregation. Leave stacks of flyers in common areas near entrances.
  • Post on bulletin boards in community centers, libraries, sports clubs, and local organizations.
  • Visit corporate offices with stacks of flyers. Ask for permission to distribute the flyers in the cafeteria, employee lounge, and other common areas. Leave stacks of flyers at reception or building lobby desks.
  • Create an attractive postcard using a digital version of the charity event flyer to mail out to prior donors.
  • Tuck flyers into envelopes to mail out to past, present, and potential charity night attendees.
  • Tweet out a charity night announcement using the flyer’s image.
  • Post the flyer’s digital image on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.
  • Insert the flyer into your organization’s newsletters, and in charity-related guest blog posts.
  • Create a targeted local Facebook ad or boosted post using the flyer’s image.
  • Place flyers on vehicles parked on busy streets around shopping centers and in residential areas.
  • Distribute flyers face to face, in densely populated commercial buildings or residences.

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