Top 100 Flyer Templates 2011

The end of the year is here, and what a year it has been – especially for flyer designers! This year has seen an explosion in the Graphicriver Print Template category, with designers rushing to grab a piece of the cake after the likes of Sevenstyles crossed the $70,000 mark and print templates began to shoot off the shelves like free candy.

Not only that, but this year has seen the launch of FlyerHeroes (yes yes!) and we’re excited to end the year with a bang!

FlyerHeroes proudly present our first ‘Big List’ – The Top 100 Flyer Templates for 2011

1. Legacy Flyer Template

Legacy Flyer Template

2. Summer House Party Flyer

Summer House Party Flyer

3. Indie Flyer/Poster

Indie Flyer Poster

4. Beach Party Flyer

Beach Party Flyer

5. White Affair Party Flyer Template

White Affair Party Flyer Template

6. Shakeit Flyer Template

Shakeit Flyer Template

7. Coyote Night Flyer Template

Coyote Night Flyer Template

8. Release Me Party Flyer

Release Me Party Flyer

9. Harmony Flyer Template

Harmony Flyer Template

10. Indie Flyer/Poster Vol. 6

Indie Flyer Poster Vol 6

11. Summer Break Party Flyer

Summer Break Party Flyer

12. Thriller Night Halloween Flyer Template

Thriller Night Halloween Flyer Template

13. Deca Dance Flyer

Deca Dance Flyer Template

14. Urban Touch Party Flyer Template

Urban Touch Flyer Template

15. Hot Saturday Night Party Flyer

Hot Saturday Night Party Flyer Template

16. Mpora Flyer Template

Mpora Flyer Template

17. Grunge Newspaper Flyer Poster

Grunge Newspaper Flyer Poster

18. Nightclub Flyer Poster Vol.4

Nightclub Flyer Poster Vol 4

19. Jingle Jam Christmas Party Flyer Template

Jingle Jam Christmas Party Flyer Template

20. Spring Party Flyer

Spring Break Flyer

21. Tropical Summer Night

Tropical Summer Night Flyer

22. Power Poster Flyer Template

Power Poster Flyer Template

23. Anniversary Party Flyer

Anniversary Party Flyer Template

24. V.I.P Gold Deluxe Flyer Template

VIP Deluxe Flyer Template

25. 2012 New Year Party Flyer Poster

2012 Party Flyer Poster

26. Nitexpress Party Flyer

Nitexpress Party Flyer

27. Soccer Event Flyer

Soccer Event Flyer Template

28. Blame It Club Flyer

Blame It Club Flyer

29. Nightclub Flyer Poster Vol.4

Superstar Saturdays Flyer Template

30. Beach or Summer Party Flyer

Summer or Beach Party Flyer

31. Patriotic 4th of July Flyer Template

Patriotic 4th of July Flyer Template

32. Alternative Flyer Poster Vol.3

Alternative Flyer Poster Vol.3

33. Indie Flyer/Poster Vol. 5

Indie Flyer Poster Vol 5

34. Gospel Concert Flyer

Gospel Concert Flyer

35. Party Flyer

Party Flyer Template by Retinal SIn

36. Christmas Party Flyer

Christmas Party Flyer

37. Clean Simple A3 Poster / A6 Flyer

Clean Simple Poster Template

38. Flyer/Poster Vol. 2

Flyer Poster Vol 2

39. Sexy Black Party Flyer

Sexy Black Party Flyer Template

40. Indie Vintage Flyer

Indie Vintage Flyer Template by Croma

41. Sexy Halloween Party Flyer

Sexy Halloween Party Flyer Template

42. Nightclub Flyer


43. Amazing Party Flyer Template

Amazing Party Flyer Template

44. Underground Flyer Template

Underground Flyer Template

45. Azure Flyer Template

Azure Flyer Template

46. Dirty Party Flyer

Dirty Party flyer

47. Forever Poster/Flyer Template

Forever Poster Flyer Template

48. Sky Flyer Template

Sky Flyer Template

49. Gospel Flyer Template

Gospel Flyer Template

50. Freaky Flyer Template

Freaky Flyer Template

51. Karma Flyer Template

Karma Flyer Template

52. Partylicious Party Flyer

Partylicious Party Flyer template

53. Tasty Party Flyer

Tasty Party Flyer

54. Ladies Night Party Flyer

Ladies Night Party Flyer

55. Best Party Ever Party Flyer Template

Best Party ever Flyer Template

56. Summer Party Flyer

Summer Party Flyer Template

57. Ultimate Party Flyer

Ultimate Party Flyer Template

58. Halloween Bash Flyer Template

Halloween Bash Flyer Template

59. Love Party Flyer Template

Love Party Flyer Template

60. indie Flyer/Poster Vol 7

Indie Flyer Poster Vol 7

61. Red & White christmas Party flyer Templates

Red White Christmas Flyer Templates

62. Showdown Flyer Template

Showdown Flyer Template

63. All You Need is Love Flyer Template

All you need is love flyer template

64. MMA Fight Flyer

MMA Fight Flyer

65. Summer Party Flyer Template

Summer Party Flyer Template

66. Purple Party Flyer Template

Purple Party Flyer

67. Nightclub Flyer/Poster Vol.2

Nightclub Flyer Poster Vol 2

68. Wildchild Poster/Flyer Template

WildChild Poster Flyer Template


Cityscape Flyer Template

70. Alternative Flyer / Poster Vol. 10

Alternative Flyer Poster Vol. 10

71. Code Red Party Flyer

Code Red Flyer Template

72. Minimal Flyer Poster

Minimal Flyer Poster Template

73. Secret Santa Flyer Template

Secret Santa Flyer Template

74. Disco Awards Party Flyer Template

Disco Awards Party Flyer Template

75. Dirty Flyer & Poster Template

Dirty Flyer and Poster Template

76. SevenSins Flyer Template

SevenSins Flyer Template

77. RealDeal Poster / Flyer Template

Real Deal Poster Flyer Template

78. Cloud Flyer Template

Cloud Flyer Template

79. No Limit Night Party Flyer Template

No Limit Night Party Flyer Template

80. Spring Break Party Flyer Template

Spring break Party Flyer Template

81. Cool Flyer Template

Cool Flyer Template

82. Dance Contest Flyer Template

Dance Contest Flyer Template

83. Lost in Dance Flyer

Lost in Dance Flyer Template

84. New Years Eve Party Flyer Template

New Years eve Flyer Template

85. Nightclub Flyer/Poster Vol. 6

Nightclub Flyer Poster Vol 6

86. Vibes Flyer Template

Vibes Flyer Template

87. Virtual Flyer Templates

Virtual Flyer Templates

88. FireandIce Flyer Template

Fire and Ice Flyer Template

89. High Impact New Year’s Eve Countdown Flyer / Poster

High Impact New Year's Eve countdown Flyer/Poster Template

90. Sation Flyer Template

Sation Flyer Template

91. Show Time flyer

Show time Flyer

92. Astral Flyer Template

Astral Flyer Template

93. Valentines Party Flyer

Valentines Party Flyer Template

94. Halloween Bash Flyer Template

Halloween Bash Flyer Template

95. Christmas Bash Flyer Party Pack

Christmas Party Flyer

96. Emerald Flyer Template

Emerald Flyer Template

97. Nightclub Flyer/Poster Vol. 6

Mayhem Flyer Template

98. A3 Drinks ad Template

A3 Drinks Ad Poster Flyer Template

99. BigCity Flyer Templates

Big city Flyer Template

100. Lovable Valentines Poster Template

Lovable Valentines Poster Template


  1. GraficAndMedia on

    thanks for the inspiring list! So many nice flyers.

  2. Cal on

    Sweet list Adam, some sick flyers in that!

  3. aaran on

    oh, I love #22 but thats just because i love iron man… the retro ones are the best i think

  4. Adam on

    Wow! Now this took some time to compile! haha finally published it! :D

  5. Patrik Larsson on

    Now that’s a HUGE list! :) Great work and some amazing flyers here!

    • Adam on

      Thanks Patrick!

  6. Dzinc on

    After compiling such extensive, and yet, amazing flyer selection, you guys have now officially earned the name “Heroes”. Keep up the great work and keep them flyers coming. Cheers.

    • Adam on

      Epic comment D’zinc! haha

  7. Jacob Boodrie on

    Wow, There have been a lot of great inspiring flyers this year!

    • Adam on

      Thanks! An incredible array of designer’s work displayed here :D

  8. Jay on

    Yowza, what a list! Thanks for putting it together Adam, must have taken forever. Good stuff!

    • Adam on

      Very welcome Jay! :)

  9. Paulo on


  10. Paulo on

    Quanto custa meu amigo!?:

  11. djlukinha on

    Hey …..and everything of good that flyer….much mass of more…

  12. boyalpha on

    superb collection


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