As a freelancer, having lots of clients is not always a great thing. Making money by providing our services to many different clients is a lot harder than focusing on just a handful who pay highly.

Our time is money, and we’re limited by the number of hours in a day. The more we can earn from each client in our address book, the better.

“How to earn more money” is an age-old question that can’t be answered overnight, but in this quick guide, you’ll get 5 quick ideas to get you started.

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Make More Money from your Existing Flyer Design Clients

Share this short guide with your network:

The text below is the transcript of the image guide you can see above. If you have anything to add to this short guide (which I am sure you do!) please post it down in the comments below.

1. Provide Printing & Delivery

Online printing services like and VistaPrint make it easy for graphic designers to resell printing & delivery services to their clients.

The average commission on reseller printing orders is around thirty to fifty percent. This means you could be adding an extra $50 profit to every design job you complete for your clients.

Actionable Tip:
Join or Vistaprint’s reseller program and process your client’s printing orders.

2. Upsell Additional Design Services

Your clients need a lot more than just flyer designs, but sometimes they need reminding.

Once you have completed the initial design for a client, upselling them to extra design services can be a great way to boost income.

If you’ve designed a flyer for the client, offer them a set of matching social media graphics. If you have designed a menu, offer them a matching banner stand or poster and so on.

Actionable Tip:
When you next deliver completed work to a client, ask them “Hey, would you like me to also make this as a banner?”

3. Increase Your Prices

Increasing prices is the quickest and simplest way to make more money from your design clients, but very few freelancers have the courage to do so.

Long time clients rarely take issue with small price increments and understand the need to do so.

If you don’t take the plunge and raise your rates, you’ll be stuck on the same paygrade forever with no room for career growth.

Actionable Tip:
Don’t be scared of increasing your prices, but don’t jump too high at once. Try increasing your rate by 10% every few months.

4. Use Templates to speed up design time

Websites such as provide hundreds of editable templates with commercial use license that you can use in your client work.

These templates speed up your design time and ultimately increase the amount of money you earn.

Whether you’re designing flyers, brochures, menus or t-shirts, there are dozens of websites with templates available to help you.

Actionable Tip:
Take advantage of subscriptions like FlyerHeroes PRO
and GraphicStock to get maximum value for your freelance business and more template choices for your projects.

5. Get rid of Low Value Clients & Time Wasters

As we all know, less can be more.

Low-value clients who can’t afford your rates or frequently waste your time should be dropped from your client list.

Yes, they may eventually pay you some money, but it’s not worth it in the end.

By removing these people from your client list, you will make way for more valuable, higher paying and frustration-free clients!

Actionable Tip:
When your income is stable from a number of clients, email those who waste your time and explain why you can no longer work together. Being civil and upfront could help prevent any bad feelings and future disputes.

Can you offer any advice in the comments?

This short guide barely covers the available opportunities for freelance graphic designers like yourself to earn more money from existing clients – can you suggest and share any other tips with us in the comments below?

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