Free 3D Paint Tossing Pack

No free flyer this week, however we do have for you something pretty cool for you. This week’s freebie is a set of free paint tossing renders for you to pimp out your flyer designs with.

These beautiful 3d liquid renders will really help to add a splash to your design projects, why not post some pictures of what you make in the comments or on our Facebook page?

What format are these paint tossing renders in?

  • This free download includes a pack of 38 3D liquid type renders, all in transparent PNG format.

If you like the looks of this badass and pure-awesome 3D design resource, be sure to check out the rest of the swag we’ve got on offer in our Free Design Resources category!

Paint tossing renders

Paint Tossing


By downloading this free Photoshop Flyer Template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.


  1. Borut on

    Nice work!. Can I ask how the hell you get this. Do you use camera or 3d program . I think that’s 3d program I am verry impress can you explain more how did you do this .

    Regards – Borut

    • Adam on

      Hey Borut, thanks for the kind words! These renders were made by Cornelia who’s totally awesome and makes most our 3D stuff :) Yes you’re right, she did use a 3D program. I think she used Cinema 4D to makes these.

  2. Dan Wilko on

    Another great resource! :-)

  3. jcb on

    merci pour ton super travail !!

  4. DJ Pops on

    Thanks for sharing these awesome freebies!

    • Adam on

      No problem Pops, you’re very welcome! :D

  5. Vlad on

    Great resources ! Thanks ! :D

  6. non-commercial EsterTV on

    Great! Thank you!


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By downloading Paint Tossing Renders you agree to use it in accordance with our File licenses.

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