50 Free Commercial Use Stock Photos

Fridays usually see us serving up a tasty free flyer template for you, however, today is a little different.

This Friday, we’ll still be loading you up with wicked-good freebies, but in turn of flyers, we’ve got 50 free commercial use stock photos!

A few weeks back I was searching for a free stock photo with commercial use license to use in our Retro flyer design tutorial. Why? Because in our first tutorial, I used a premium image, which really makes it difficult for those younger readers who don’t have a few bucks to spare.

Free stock photos come in handy for all designers, whether working for print or the web, which is why we know this’ll be one bad-ass useful blog post for you all.

They especially come in super handy for those of us using stock photos with free online tutorials, freebie downloads (like our flyers), or even using in premium templates over on Graphicriver

So, who’s behind these awesome images?

The majority of these free stock photos (in fact, I think all of them for this installment) comes courtesy of Alan Antiporda, aka Illusive Photography from Flickr, the same guy who provided the free stock in our Retro flyer tutorial :)

Alan has an immense portfolio including thousands of simply amazing photographs, many of which I was glad to find bordering on the rather sexy side of things ;)

His Flickr portfolio also plays home to hundreds of free-to-use images (which we’ll be featuring in more free stock photo related blog posts in the coming months.

The photos I’ve handpicked out from his portfolio today are mainly sexy model stock photos and images that i thought would go hand in hand with designing flyers (you know, because the majority of people here are flyer designers, right?)

Free commercial use license? ‹– important!

It’s important that you understand that you are responsible for your uses of these images and no matter what you use them for, they are still owned by Illusive Photography.

Now, I whilst I post this blog as a ’50 free commercial use stock photos’, it is imperative that you check each and every image’s license yourself before using it as (although I don’t like to admit it) I make have F*cked up or since publishing this blog post, the original Author and owner of the work may have changed the licensing of the image.

However, I have tried my best to ensure every image listed in this post is licensed with an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons License which allows you to Share, Remix and make commercial use of the licensed items, but you MUST credit the artist and link back to them!

Enjoy! :)

1. Over You

Sexy Female Free Stock Photo

2. Senuous Noir

Senuous Noir

3. Electric


4. Buon Giorno

Buon Giorno

5. Gold


6. Bellissima


7. Chassidy


8. Golden


9. Concerto


10. Mary Metal

Mary Metal

11. Shine


12. Mystery Porta

Mystery Porta

13. Mystery Downtown

Mystery Downtown

14. Marilyn


15. Stephen


16. Raine


17. Hold that Pose

Hold that Pose

18. Room Service

Room Service

19. Snapseed


20. Ruffled


21. Micah


21. Chrissy


22. Mother and Son

Mother and Son

23. Chrissy 2

Chrissy 2

24. Rolleiflex


25. Sarah


26. Danielle


27. Rylee


28. Lucy


29. Peachy


30. Pretty in Pink

Pretty Ii Pink

31. Devil with a Blue Dress

Devil with a Blue Dress

32. Hell Bent For Leather

Hell Bent For Leather

33. Morgan


34. Scene?


35. Pure White

Pure White

36. Angelic


37. To Die For…

To Die For...

38. Kori


39. Kori 2


40. Gray


41. Nights in White Satin

nights in White Satin

42. Extreme Gamer

Extreme Gamer

43. Temptation


44. Smokey


45. Heidi


46. White Sheets

White Sheets

47. Hair


48. Stalled


49. Samantha


50. Taylor


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