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5 Internet Niches you Should be Using to Market Your Flyer Templates Online

There have never been more online platforms available for promoting your flyer templates. You should be taking advantage of every holiday and special event to get your samples viewed by as many eyes as possible, and these platforms can help you do that easily, quickly and effectively!

Here are the 5 most important niches on the Internet where you should be promoting your flyer templates:


This is just low-hanging fruit, everyone and their third cousin is on Facebook. Small companies that don’t have the staff or the knowledge to create these types of designs on their own will consider you a lifesaver.


Even Internet marketing superpower HubSpot advises using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Check out their guide, The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing. It offers tips on how to build your following, etiquette, best practices and more. It even has directions for adding a Pinterest button to your website, which is the absolute least you should do.


Twitter users engage far more with tweets that contain graphics than with those with only text. Presenting your most exciting designs on Twitter allows your followers a chance to re-tweet them, which gives you exposure to potential customers who would not have otherwise found you. And if they start re-tweeting, well, that could lead to long term exponential growth.

The best thing about using these first few methods is that you can easily build and maintain relationships with the customers you gain from them. You may find it useful to take a quick look at our brief post, 5 Actions for Growing Your Business with Social Media.


This is exactly why you want to build your e-mail list. While you will certainly not want to even come close to spamming your customers, those who have opted in for announcements about special offers and new products will be interested in seeing samples of your best work.

Again, these are some of the easiest sales you can make. By opting in, these people have told you that they are interested in what you are selling. So you are starting out with motivated buyers. If your e-mail list isn’t quite as large as you’d like, try offering a small free promotion to those who sign up, such as an inexpensive feature or special image.

Guest Blogging

There are trade associations and community organizations which are always looking for content that would interest their readers. Easy, fun and exciting flyer templates fall right in that category.

You don’t have to write a lot, just offer a few ideas about how flyer templates could be useful to their members, mention how easy they are and show a few designs that will knock their socks off. Piece of cake.

None of these actions take a great deal of time or expertise, and the payoff potential could be great. It’s definitely worth trying all of them, at least once or twice, to see how much of a difference they can make for you.

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