3D Studio Mic Render

For designers who work primarily with music industry clients, this high-resolution Studio Mic Render will surely come in handy.

Easily drag and drop these renders into your design to add an instant touch of realism.

There are 6 different .PNG renders included in the set. Each render is at a different angle and already isolated to give you maximum flexibility.

We’re working hard to bring you useful graphic design tools as part of our new PRO Resources category. We think this pack of high resolution microphone renders certainly falls into that group.

The eagle-eyed PRO Members amongst us may already recognise this resource. A few months ago I used it as the focal point in our Studio Time Flyer Template which you can view here.

With dimensions of around 3000x3000px each, the renders are generously sized making them perfect for both print and screen media.

Use these renders in anything from flyer designs to mixtape covers and let the realistic model do the hard work for you. It’s as easy as drag and drop!

3D Studio Mic Render (Previews)

3D Studio Mic Render by FlyerHeroes

This high-resolution 3D Studio Mic render by FlyerHeroes is available exclusively for PRO Members.

3D Studio Mic Render by FlyerHeroes

Package includes one unique 3D object rendered at 6 different angles.

3D Studio Mic Render by FlyerHeroes

No need to waste time cutting out images. Simply drag and drop these already-isolated objects into your design.

3D Studio Mic Render by FlyerHeroes

At a massive 3000px x 3000px, this high resolution render is perfect for both screen and print projects.

Let us know what you think!

Whether you’re a PRO Member or not, please take a moment to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about these PRO Resources – or show us what you make with them.


  1. DESIGNROOM1229 on

    Brilliant work. It’s so detailed, just perfect.

    • Adam McIntyre on

      Glad you like it, @designroom1229:disqus!


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