Synergetic Free Flyer Template

It’s Friday again which can mean only one thing – a new free flyer template from yours truly here at FlyerHeroes! This week’s free flyer template, Synergetic, is a simple, clean and easily adaptable flyer template that can be customized to suit a large range of nightclub events and parties!

With a large bold title area and heavily contrasting design, this flyer design is certain to capture people’s attention – especially if you… you know… splash a selection of sexy model images on there ;)

In recent week’s we’ve been releasing more glossy, high-end and super polished flyer designs like Suicide Saturdays and Half Price Weekenders for example, and the response has been off the charts.

Downloads have doubled and you guys have been making some noise over on our Facebook page giving us a big fat thumbs up!

However, Synergetic Flyer Template is a little different to our selection of other free flyer templates, but it still has its place. It’s a little more similar to the likes of Traktion Flyer Template.

Don’t you just love it though?

One thing I love about what we’re doing right here on FlyerHeroes is that we’re building a large range of different types of flyers, styles, designs – and more importantly, a large ranging community of people who’re using them!

So what fonts do I need for this flyer template?

  • HelbaBlackDB
  • Century Gothic

Where can I get those sexy stock photos?

Synergetic Flyer Template

Synergetic Flyer Template

Synergetic Flyer Template Mockup

By downloading this free flyer template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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