Spring Flyer v1

Your spring collection is stunning. So, we’ve designed a spring flyer template to help you create a Spring Flyer that is equally stunning. You won’t have to morph into a graphic artist to create an awesome spring flyer because our staff has done the design work for you. Simply edit the template to include vital information, save, print and GO! Marketing your spring event with this flyer is easy and as cutting edge as you wish to make it. Here are some marketing ideas to ensure that your marketing efforts blossom:

  1. Hand out flyers and compact mirrors engraved with your company’s name at a community meeting and in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.
  2. Create a mass postal mailing by tucking the flyers into envelopes decorated with a spring-like floral design.
  3. Create a promotional postcard using the flyer as its main image.
  4. Hire fashion models to pass out flyers in front of high-fashion boutiques, high-end hair salons, and cosmetic stores.
  5. Insert the flyer’s image into posts across all of your social media platforms.
  6. Use the flyer to create a targeted local Facebook ad or boosted post.
  7. Create a spring fashion blog post using the flyer as the main image.
  8. Use the flyer as the main image in a press release.
  9. Create a media kit to promote your Spring fashion event to local newspapers. Include the flyer in the kit.
  10. Post the flyer on your store’s windows and ask non-competing store owners to place stacks of flyers by their cash registers.
  11. Blow up the flyer and post it on bus shelters in high-traffic zones.
  12. Post the flyer on bulletin boards in health clubs and community centers.
  13. Tuck the flyers on car windshields in shopping malls.

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