School Dance 5

This stylish dance flyer makes a powerful statement. Its striking design will definitely attract students to learn more about your school dance offerings. Easier to create than an original dance move–simply input essential information, save, and print out your professional-looking school dance flyer in less than an hour.

Then, get moving to distribute this awesome school dance flyer high and low. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Post the flyer in strategic places inside and outside of the school.
  2. Hire students to distribute the dance flyers door to door.
  3. Insert the school dance flyer’s digital image on school social media sites.
  4. Use the flyer in direct messages to parents of school dance students.
  5. Hire a dancer to distribute the flyers to audience members at school dance performances.
  6. Distribute the flyers at school meetings and sports events.
  7. Mail out postcards using the flyer as the main image on the front of the card.
  8. Post your flyer on supermarket and community center bulletin boards.
  9. Tuck the flyers into envelopes and create a mass postal mailing.
  10. Create a dance-focused email newsletter and insert the flyer in the newsletter to promote your lessons.
  11. Blow up the flyer and post it on highly visible public spaces.
  12. Place the school dance flyer on car windshields at the local mall.

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