School Dance 3

This School Dance flyer is the perfect marketing tool to get potential dance students excited about dance lessons! Eye-catching and visually powerful, this school dance flyer will shake things up and smooth out every hump in your marketing strategy.

Once you’ve customized this striking flyer’s template with vital information about your dance lessons, your dance studio will fly high on the radar–visible in multiple forms of media. Here are a few suggestions on how to market your student dance lessons using this glamorous School Dance flyer:

  1. Blow it up and post it on bus shelters and visible public spaces around schools.
  2. Post the flyer in busy parking lots and in places where potential dance students congregate.
  3. Hire dancers, dressed in dance apparel, to hand out school dance flyers in front of schools and high-traffic areas.
  4. Insert the flyer’s image into dance-related social media posts.
  5. Create an informative dance-related e-newsletter and insert the flyer into it.
  6. Create a Twitter business account for your dance studio and tweet out the image to all of your Twitter followers.
  7. Place the flyer on the windshields of cars parked in school parking lots.
  8. Post the flyer on bulletin boards in community centers, laundromats, and supermarkets.
  9. Use the flyer’s image to create an attractive postcard to mail out to potential dance students.
  10. Distribute hundreds of flyers locally by placing flyers in the mailboxes of local residents.
  11. Hire dancers to demonstrate dance moves in a public venue like a park. Hand out dance flyers to audience members.
  12. Hand out flyers at the entrances of entertainment venues or school dance recitals.
  13. Leave stacks of flyers in dance apparel stores.

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