Save the Date Flyer Template 3

Ready, set, go! People will be excitedly marking their calendars when they receive this beautiful Save the Date flyer. For sure! Save time, money, and effort by using this handy flyer template to quickly and easily create a beautiful Save the Date reminder flyer. Distribute it in a variety of ways to ask people to save a special day for your big event!

Here are a few tips on how to distribute your Save the Date flyer:

  1. Tuck the flyer and a chocolate heart into an envelope. Distribute by hand or via postal mail.
  2. Use the flyer to create a gorgeous postcard Save the Date reminder.
  3. Insert a digital version of the flyer into a social media post.
  4. Post it on Facebook or use it in a direct message to friends and family members.
  5. Send it via a special email message.

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