Prom Night v5

The class of 2018 is ready to party all night! This flyer will grab their attention and keep it. They’ll flock closer to learn more details about your prom night venue.

Once you’ve created your prom night flyer, there is an infinite number of ways that you can distribute this effective marketing tool to promote your unforgettable prom night experience.

Promote your prom night venue by:

  1. Posting poster-sized versions of the prom night flyers in strategic areas around schools.
  2. Leaving stacks of prom night flyers at prom-related businesses: floral shops, formalwear stores, beauty and nail salons, jewelry stores, high-end clothing boutiques, limousine rental services, and more.
  3. Hiring actors to distribute flyers dressed up as a prom king and queen.
  4. Posting prom night flyers at local laundromats, supermarkets, and boutiques.
  5. Distributing the flyers at general school meetings attended by parents.
  6. Handing out the flyers at school sporting events several weeks before the prom.
  7. Posting the flyer’s image on your social media sites.
  8. Using the flyer to create an attractive postcard to hand out or mail out to students and parents.
  9. Distributing the flyers at school plays and other school-related events.
  10. Placing the flyers on car windshields in local neighborhoods and shopping centers.
  11. Distributing the prom night flyers in front of fast food restaurants, diners, and pizza parlors.

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