Presidents Day Sale Flyer v5

President’s Day is a day die-hard shoppers dream of.  When it’s time to move end-of-season stock, this All-American flyer will get the job done–in the most patriotic way, of course. The bold striped star design and red, white, and blue color palette on our President’s Day flyer template creates a striking flyer that won’t be ignored. Once you’ve customized this flyer and printed it out in a number of different sizes, you can hit the road, the Internet, your loyal customer contact list, and the post office, to distribute it far and wide.

Post a giant-sized version on all of your store’s windows and on bus shelters in your local area. Then, post smaller versions in public spaces like community bulletin boards. Get the word out by distributing this flyer in front of restaurants, churches, and schools and tuck it under the windshield wipers of cars parked in the local shopping center. When you’ve distributed hundreds of paper flyers, head to the computer and insert your flyer’s image in every promotional mailing you send out during the two weeks before your President’s Day celebration sale. Write a blog post about the sale and insert the flyer’s image before posting it on your store’s website. Then, tweet a link to the blog post and pin it on your Pinterest or Facebook page. You can promote your shop’s sale right up to the last-minute by dressing up two actors as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and having them hand out the President’s day flyers right on the day of the sale. Uncle Sam would be so proud!

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