Passover Dinner Flyer v1

Promote your Passover dinner event in a dignified low-key manner by using this professionally-designed template to create a flyer inviting participants to your traditional Passover Seder. Once the flyer is edited and printed out there are many ways you can use it to entice participants to attend your Passover dinner. You can leave stacks of the flyer at common areas in community centers and distribute it at the front entrances of Jewish places of worship, Hebrew academies, Jewish day schools, yeshivas, and Jewish organizations.

Tuck flyers into envelopes to perform a mass mailing to everyone on your subscriber list and post it on social media sites. If your budget allows, you can run targeted local Facebook ads for several weeks before your Passover dinner is being held. A week before the event is a great time to flood surrounding neighborhoods with flyers by dispersing staff members to perform a little door to door promotional footwork. Promoting your Passover seder gets easier when you brainstorm a variety of ways to use this flyer digitally, by postal mail, and using the internet. Postcards, blog posts, and other forms of media are also great places to insert this flyer’s image. Once you get started, you’ll discover that one thing leads to another and your promotional options will quickly multiply!

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