Oscars Fancy Dress Party Flyer Template

Oscars Fancy Dress Party Flyer Template

I’d like to thank the Academy. My fellow actors, our incredible director, my family, of course…but most importantly, I’d like to thank FlyerHeroes.com for making this the most amazing, incredible party of my whole life!

Yes, it’s Oscar time! Why not throw an awesome fancy dress party and make the most out of Hollywood’s biggest night?

Promote your party with the Oscars Fancy Dress Party Flyer Template from FlyerHeroes! This flyer template is as fancy and as sexy as the Oscars themselves. It’s sultry and mysterious… just like those elusive Oscars after parties! But who needs to attend one of those when you’ve got your own perfect night planned?! This template, like all of those in our library, is fully-customizable, so you can let all your friends know exactly when and where to bring their beautiful selves! And of course, don’t forget to remind them to wear their fanciest dresses and suits! Your party is sure to be nominated for best party of the year thanks to the Oscars Fancy Dress Party Flyer Template!


Just like the nominees, there are plenty of templates to choose from at FlyerHeroes.com! Like the sleek and golden Oscars Fancy Dress Party Flyer Template V4! Or the Hollywood-inspired Oscars Fancy Dress Party Flyer Template V2! Both are available right now, so download yours today!

Get your speech ready, because you’re about to win the award for party of the year! And it’s all thanks to the incredible Oscars Fancy Dress Party Flyer Template from the pros at FlyerHeroes.com!

Once purchased, you are free to make any customizations and modifications, and are granted Unlimited Use and 100% Free License. See more here.

Please note all stock models/photographs of people are not included in final download. Feel free to use you own.

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General information:

Oscars Fancy Dress Party Flyer Template is a premium Photoshop PSD flyer / poster template designed by FlyerHeroes to be used with Photoshop CS4 and higher.

Once you have purchased this flyer template, you are free to make any customizations and modifications you wish.

You are also granted an Unlimited Use and 100% Royalty Free License meaning you can use this product as many times as you wish for as many clients as you wish. You are free to use this product in both personal and commercial work.

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Please note, stock models / photographs of people are used for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the final download. We do however include a blank placeholder layer to make using your own stock photos as easy as possible.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to direct your questions to FlyerHeroes Support.

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