Night Club Flyer 6.18

Place your dance club on the “go to” map with the help of this eye-catching Night Club flyer.  It’s gentle on the budget and oh-so-easy to use. You’ll want to use it again and again to get the club goers lining up at your door.

Here are some effective ways to use this Night Club flyer:

  • Use different versions of this flyer to promote special club events via media kits sent out to colleges, as well as radio and news stations.
  •  Post a giant-sized version of the Night Club flyer on advertising display spaces in your city or town.
  • Leave stacks of flyers in club-related venues in your town.
  • Distribute the flyers and glow stick keychains in front of local colleges, pubs, jazz clubs, and movie theatres.
  • Use the flyer’s image in a promotional Twitter or boosted Facebook post.
  • Insert the flyer’s image into a local Facebook ad. Run several ads to promote a special club event.
  • Mail out free drink coupons and Night Club flyers in glittery silver envelopes.
  • Distribute flyers and rum-flavored giant lollipops (embossed with your club’s name) in front of local colleges.
  • Hand out flyers in front of trendy boutiques and high-end hair salons.
  • In your local area, place flyers on cars parked within a 25-mile radius.

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