Mother’s Day Flyer v4

We have a hunch that there will be plenty of diners at your Mother’s Day brunch! If you use this flyer to promote it, that is. How can anyone resist learning more about your brunch when you place this charming flyer in their hands? Snail mail it. Email it. Launch it via a local Facebook ad campaign! It’s all good. Here are some creative ways to maximize your efforts:

  • Enclose a flyer, along with your Mother’s Day brunch menu, in a letter sent out via postal mail.
  • Or, insert the digital image of this flyer into the front of a promotional postcard mailed to clients on your mailing list. List prices and featured food and beverages in the text section.
  • Email a promotional Mother’s Day brunch message, flyer enclosed, with a link to your establishment’s site to make reservations and view additional details.
  • Have a waiter hand out brunch menus and flyers in front of your food establishment for days before the brunch.
  • Staple the brunch menu to flyers and leave stacks of flyers at libraries and community centers.
  • Weeks before Mother’s Day, on a daily basis, place flyers on the windshields of cars parked in your restaurant’s parking lot.
  • Post the customized Mother’s Day flyer’s digital image on your website and on all of your dining establishment’s social media pages.
  • Blow up the flyer and post it on the display glass of bus shelters.
  • Distribute it wherever people shop for Mother’s Day gifts: flower shops, jewelry stores, clothing stores and more.
  • Spend the weekend before Mother’s Day handing out little candy hearts, brunch menus, and flyers in front of commercial venues with heavy foot traffic.
  • Attach a coupon for a free dessert for Mom, along with our flyer, into a promotional postal mailing.
  • Blog about the upcoming Mother’s Day brunch and insert the flyer as the post’s main image.

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