Mother’s Day v3

What could be cheerier than this flowery Mother’s Day flyer? After you’ve got them smiling they’ll take the time to learn more about your delectable Mother’s Day Brunch. First, you customize it. Then, you save the file. Print it out and distribute. You can even use the digital version in social media posts, on your website, and in promotional emails.

Here are some other ways to use this eye-catching Mother’s Day flyer:

1.Attach a brunch menu to this Mother’s Day brunch menu and have staff members distribute it locally, door to door.

2. Use the customized flyer’s image to create a Mother’s Day Brunch postcard mailing.

3. Insert the flyer’s image in a Mother’s Day blog post, along with a link to your restaurant’s website.

4. Have a waiter hand out brunch menus and flyers in front of your food establishment on the weekend before Mother’s Day.

5. Staple the brunch menu to flyers and distribute in areas where there is heavy foot traffic.

6. Place flyers on the windshields of cars parked in your restaurant’s parking lot during lunch and dinner hours.

7. Post the customized Mother’s Day Brunch flyer’s digital image across all of your restaurant’s social media pages.

8. Blow up the flyer and post it on advertising display boards throughout your town.

10. Attach a coupon for a free specialty beverage for Mom. Distribute it face to face or via postal mail.

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