Lost Dog Flyer Template 1

When your dog is lost or missing, minutes count. Don’t waste time hanging up handmade flyers that are easy to ignore because they aren’t bold enough or visible enough to attract attention. People might even think your handmade lost dog flyer is an ad for a yard sale or rental listing. This eye-catching flyer, complete with a formatted frame for posting a picture of your lost dog, will tug at the heartstrings of all who view it.

Simply input vital details about your dog and contact information. There’s even a place to list a reward! Then, print out stacks of copies to distribute.

There are countless ways that you can use this professional looking lost dog flyer to quickly find your dog, including:

  • Faxing the completed poster to animal shelters, pet stores, and dog grooming salons.
  • Posting this bright and bold flyer on lampposts in the area where your dog was last spotted.
  • Leaving stacks of the poster in library entranceways and at coffee shops.
  • Posting the flyer on community center bulletin boards.
  • Handing stacks of the flyers to store owners to leave by their cash registers.
  • Handing out the flyers in places where there is heavy foot traffic.
  • Placing the flyers on cars parked locally in areas where your dog might have wandered.
  • Posting the flyers outside of empty lots and places where other dog owners walk their dogs.
  • Inserting the digital image into a paid Facebook ad targeting the region where your dog was lost.
  • Posting the “lost dog” digital flyer’s image on social media pages such as Twitter.

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