Graduation Party Template v4

Attracting graduates to your graduation event is a no-brainer when you use this template to create an eye-catching graduation party flyer. Smartly promote your upcoming party by plastering this poster all over popular student hangouts. When that’s done, move on to social media sites to spread the word by inserting this flyer in graduation-themed posts. Then, it’s time to move on to stuffing mailing envelopes with cute graduation cap mementos attached to your graduation party flyer invitations. Or, grab attention by using your graduation party flyer to create an attractive postcard invitation to blast out to graduates and their parents. If you want to “go big or go home” blow up the graduation party flyer and post it on public ad displays throughout town. For face to face promotion, place the flyer in parchment paper so it looks like a diploma. Then, tie a ribbon around the middle of each flyer and hand stacks of flyers out at graduation planning meetings and other places where students congregate. Before long, your phone will be ringing off the hook with excited graduates responding with a great big “yes” to your party invitation.

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