Graduation 1

Graduation is a milestone worth celebrating on a massive scale! Your 2018 graduation party will rock and roll in a major way when you distribute this irresistible graduation flyer. Who wouldn’t want to attend a graduation party after receiving the professional-looking flyer easily created using our editable template? How to distribute? Let us count the ways:

  1. Print this graduation party flyer out in several sizes: standard size, large, and jumbo-sized. Hand out the standard-sizes, post the large size on bulletin boards, and post the jumbo size on advertising display glass.
  2. Mail a stack of flyers to the graduation committee of your targeted school or schools. Include a letter of introduction asking them to hand out the flyers or leave the flyers in common areas where students hang out.
  3. Attend community meetings and school meetings. Leave a stack of flyers at the entrance and exits.
  4. Create a unique-looking promotional postcard using the flyer’s digital image. Mail out to targeted addresses in your neighborhood.
  5. Have staff employees dress up in a cap and gown and have them distribute the flyers in front of stores or entertainment venues frequented by students or their parents.
  6. Post the flyer’s image in social media posts and in local Facebook ads.
  7. Insert the flyer into a boosted Facebook post.
  8. Create a congratulations e-mail message using the flyer. Send it off to all of your email subscribers, asking them to forward it to any 2018 graduates they may know.
  9. Place graduation party flyers on cars parked at local schools and in local residential neighborhoods.
  10. Hand out flyers at pre-graduation school events such as sporting events and school socials.

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