Free Winter Flyer Template

Winter is upon us – the nights are long, days short and brrrr, it isn’t half getting cold! Well, at least that’s all true for here in the UK, and this week’s freebie reflects exactly that!

First up, in a special (and first ever) double Free Flyer Friday, we’ve got a brilliant free winter flyer template, perfect for promoting Winter, Christmas or New year parties.

Some of the more regular and hawk-eyed visitors amongst you may recognize this flyer. That’s because a couple of weeks ago, we walked you step by step through creating it and how you can create it yourself, in a video tutorial.

If you’re new to Photoshop or wanting to improve your Photoshop skills, I would definitely recommend trying to create the design from scratch following our video, rather than just download the free template, as that way you’ll learn a lot more! :D

Unlike our first free Christmas flyer template, this one has more of a general ‘winter’ theme to it, whilst being incredibly crisp with high definition elements.

Featuring more of a background-style design with less of a focus on the text, this flyer can easily be customised to suit any type of winter-themed party, whether it be an NYE gathering, January sale, Christmas nightclub party or even a winter offer at a local restaurant – this template can be customised to suit, with ease.

What fonts do I need for this flyer?

Free Winter Flyer Template

Free Winter Flyer Template

Winter Flyer Template

Winter Flyer Template

By downloading this free winter flyer template you agree to use it in accordance with our File Licenses.

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